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New Horizons for Children, Inc. is a Christian based, international hosting program, which brings orphaned children from Eastern Europe to the United States twice a year to share with them the love of God and the love of a family.

Each January and August, New Horizons for Children leads a small mission team to orphanages in Latvia and Ukraine. The interview team looks for children that could most benefit from experiencing life in a loving, stable, Christian family in America. Through experience and prayer, their team identifies children that are eligible to come to America for a 4-6 week visit.

Families from around the U.S.A. sign up to host a child or sibling group. By doing this, these children are given an experience into what Christian family life and interaction is all about, which is something they may have never experienced.  Regional programs are active in many parts of the United States, check New Horizons’ website for details.

Many of these children have never had a positive family experience. Your family has the opportunity to provide them with a glimpse of what healthy family relationships look like. Some of the children have never had the opportunity to show or receive affection in a family setting, nor have they experienced the unconditional love a family can provide. They also learn about American culture, nutrition, hygiene, and they're immersed in the English language.  Their lives can be impacted greatly by their time in the U.S.A. while in your family.

For more information on the New Horizons Hosting Program go to

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