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Ukrainian Adoption with New Horizons' Hosting Program

Benefits of working with An Open Door Adoption Agency

  • An Open Door Adoption Agency began in 1987.
  • The agency has completed over 1700 adoptions.
  • We are a member of Joint Council for International Children’s Services.
  • We have completed adoptions for NHFC families since 2002, and we can work with families in any state.
  • We can facilitate adoptions from NHFC hosting program in Ukraine.
  • We have experience in Ukraine since 1999.
  • We have excellent relationships with our in-country facilitator.
  • You will find an all Christian staff at An Open Door.
  • We can help you find an accredited home study agency in any state outside of Georgia.
  • An Open Door Adoption Agency is Hague accredited (requirement for Latvian adoptions, and we are aware that Ukraine is considering a move to join the Hague Convention).
  • Georgia families can complete a home study in advance of hosting at a partial fee of only $525, with nothing more due if you decide not to adopt. This can save you time and money by preparing a full home study in advance instead of just a preliminary safety visit, which would leave you starting the home study after your child returns to their orphanage.  This advance home study will enable you to send your dossier several months sooner.  The full price of a home study will be due only if the family decides to adopt.
  • Our assistance with the preparation of the dossier is a tremendous help and timesaver for many families.
  • We are a 501(c)3 corporation which means families can apply for grants and scholarships when working with us. Family and friends can also make tax deductable donations toward your adoption expenses.


Representative dedicated to NHFC families: Please contact Susan Richardson at: 404-429-4936 or Email: for further information.


Adoption Process


  • Application to Open Door Adoption Agency
  • Service Agreement
  • Home Study (we can begin your home study before your child is hosted, if you live in the State of Georgia)
  • USCIS approval
  • Dossier Preparation
  • Documents sent to country
  • Referral Received
  • Travel (one or two trips to Ukraine)
  • Return home with your child


Financial Resources Available

The Open Door is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Because of this our families are eligible to receive grants, scholarships, tax-deductible donations and interest-free loans from many adoption resources. We provide an extensive list of these organizations to families working with our agency. Many of our families have received generous financial assistance and we are happy to advise you through the process. Most organizations will only provide assistance to non-profit agencies such as ourselves.

The Adoption Tax Credit for 2012 is $12,650 per child. While the tax credit is no longer fully refundable, you can continue to claim the credit for up to 5 years following the adoption until you have received the $12,650.

Georgia families can complete a home study in advance of hosting at a partial fee of only $525, with nothing more due if you decide not to adopt.

A complete home study, prior to hosting, would save several months of time in submitting your dossier. This could enable you to finish your adoption prior to the next hosting period which would save the $2,900 cost of hosting again while the adoption is pending.



Travel Process

Ukraine offers an excellent opportunity to adopt school age Caucasian children.  After meeting their child or children through the Hosting Program, families submit adoption documents (dossier) to Ukraine.  A few months after a family submits their dossier to the country, an invitation is issued and travel is scheduled. The family will travel to Kiev, where they are met by the bilingual staff of An Open Door. Families go to the State Department of Adoptions where they receive information on the child or children they wish to adopt. The family accepts the referral and then they proceed to the region where the child lives. Our facilitator in Kiev coordinates the entire adoption process in Ukraine. Families will spend approximately two weeks of bonding time with their child in the city of their orphanage. Once they confirm their choice of the child, they will proceed to a court hearing to grant their adoption. There is a 10 day waiting period and then the adoption is final. Families return to Kiev where their child has their exit medical exam and they obtain the new passport and visa for their child.

The good news is that the adoption process should only take three to five months from the submission of the dossier. A total of approximately 35-40 days in the country is required to complete the adoption. This can be done in one or two trips.



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