An Open Door Adoption : Our Staff

There are 153 million children in the world who have lost one or more parents, while some 8 million children live in institutions. At An Open Door, our heart is to serve these children with the love of Christ through adoption. Looking for a career with a life changing mission? Call us today and consider being a part of our team!



Walter Gilbert
Chief Executive Officer

Walter earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill following a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech.  He has forty-two years of business management experience including three years as business consultant to Open Door Adoption Agency and as CEO since 1996. He initiated the International Adoption Program for the agency and continues to initiate and oversee all international and humanitarian programs as well in his role as CEO.



An Open Door Domestic Adoption Program Staff

Jane Gilbert, MPA
Executive Consultant

Jane holds a Bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology and Master’s in Public Administration. She has worked with the agency for 25 years in both international and domestic departments.  During these years she has served as Adoption Consultant, Director of the International Program and Director of Domestic Adoption Services. Prior to her work with Open Door she was Director of the Community Treatment Center in Thomasville associated with Youth Services (DHR)


Victoria Eades
Interim Domestic Adoption Program Coordinator

I started with the agency in 2013 as a Domestic Adoption Consultant.  Prior to that I had been working for another agency in international adoption for a year and a half. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Furman University and am currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Richmont Graduate University.

Debby Mobley
Domestic Administrative Assistant

Debby joined An Open Door in June 2012. She is an Administrative Assistant for the domestic adoption program(s). In addition, her roles include the Agency’s newsletter; coordinating the Adoption Consultant’s and Caring Home’s (interim foster care) annual trainings, and assisting with the Agency’s fundraising efforts. Debby’s passion is to serve Jesus, her family and others. She believes her purpose at An Open Door is to love and serve those whose lives are touched by this ministry.

Karen Clendenin
Domestic Administrative Assistant

Karen is one of our assistants in both the Domestic Adoption and Suitcase Movement Program. She is excited as new families are coming into both programs. She loves ministering to birth mothers about adoption and the love of Christ.
Karen Clendenin has come to us last fall from 15 years in the legal system. She is married to Pat and together they have 8 grandchildren, two dogs and two birds.


Amber Childs, M.eD

SW Georgia Adoption Consultant/Suitcase Movement Coordinator

Amber has a Master’s degree in Education and worked in the school system from 2000 until joining An Open Door in July 2018.  Amber serves as adoption consultant for Southwest Georgia as well as works with The Suitcase Movement helping Georgia foster children find forever families. She believes God planted her at AOD to grow in the ministry of serving others here by supporting each birth mother in her decision-making process and in encouraging adoptive families as they look to build their family through adoption.




An Open Door International Program Staff

Debbie Tinsley
International Administrative Assistant

Debbie has worked for over 16 years as a domestic and international administrative assistant for our agency. She is very knowledgeable in both the domestic and international adoption processes. She handles file management, assists families through the home study process, as well as gracefully managing any other duty she may be assigned. She is a minister’s wife and mom to two boys. She has always loved children and truly believes that God brought her to Open Door.

Susan Richardson
Director of International Social Services

Susan has a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. degree in Community Counseling. She has many years of working in University Counseling Centers, before starting with Open Door in 2006. Susan has enjoyed a number of roles within Open Door, and currently leads the international staff regarding social services and family support. She also enjoys working with families adopting from Ukraine and Peru. She has completed the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) training as a practitioner and loves helping to prepare families for the unique challenges and blessings that adoption can bring. She understands how life-changing adoption is for both the family and child and believes that providing a loving family for every child is world-changing.

Cathy Sawyer
International Operations Director

Cathy holds a BBA degree in Marketing and has been working with An Open Door Adoption Agency since 2002. She is responsible for the operations of the international program, new  program development and is the consultant for Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico and El Salvador. Cathy has experience preparing home studies, counseling birth mothers and adopting families, helping families navigate the international adoption process and new country program development. She believes that every child deserves a loving family and has a passion for helping orphan children find the forever family that God has chosen for them.


Olga Klatt
International Coordinator, Bulgaria, Poland, and Ukraine

Olga holds BBA degree in Management. She was born in Russia and speaks Russian fluently often serving as a translator for many of our international cases. She assists families through the adoption process for traditional Ukraine adoptions and Bulgaria, and Poland. She loves children and helps orphans find their forever home in the US.


An Open Door Administration Staff


Dominique Waldrep

Dominique has worked as the paralegal for our agency since 1999 in the domestic program. Prior to joining the agency, she worked with the agency’s attorney for six years.  As the paralegal, she coordinates ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) between the State of Georgia and the adoptive couple’s state of residence; files and attains the termination of parental rights of biological and legal fathers; and assists the adoptive couple with the finalization process of their adoption.

Debra Frisbie

Debra joined the Open Door in September, 2000.  She has thirty years experience working with non-profit organizations. As a mother of five children and grandmother of five, she has a real love for children and a desire to be part of a ministry that places orphans with loving, Christian families.

Debra oversees the financial accountability and responsibilities of the agency. She also oversees the agency’s Caring Home families. Her family accepted a foster baby that lived with them for almost three years. Due to this experience she holds a special place in her heart for all of the wonderful foster families that care for Open Door children waiting for their forever families.

Ashton Long, BBA
Marketing Coordinator

Ashton joined An Open Door in 2014. She began interning for the agency and accepted a full time position after graduating with a BBA from Georgia Southwestern State University. Ashton handles all of our agency advertising and networking. She is very passionate about working with birth mothers and adoptive families. Her favorite thing about working for An Open Door is that she is able to help and minister to people as her every day job. Ashton and her husband anticipate adopting children of their own someday.