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We are Katie and Alex and we are so grateful to be following the Lord’s calling on our family to adopt. We want you to know that you are deeply loved and covered in prayer on a daily basis. We see you as a brave hero, full of strength, and full of love for your precious baby. We ask the Lord daily to give you strength and peace. Should you choose us, your daughter will grow up knowing how much you loved her and that the choices you made were from a place of selflessness, bravery, love, and compassion. We will remind her of your love and seek to point her to accepting God’s great love for her. We want her to know that she is God’s beloved before anyone else’s and the unconditional love the Lord has to offer is what she needs most. We will raise her to be kind, brave, strong, and gracious. We will take her on adventures and read to her and teach her new skills. She will be protected, cherished, and loved beyond belief.





A little about us…

We have been married for going on five years and we have two sons, Parker (3) and Fletcher (1). They are so excited to have a baby sister and Parker already prays for her and you every night before bed. Katie is a 1st grade special education teacher and Alex is a high school history teacher and wrestling coach. We love getting long breaks off to spend with our family and travel. We can’t wait to have our kids at school with us! Katie is very creative and paints, sews, decorates, and operates an Etsy business with her hand-painted goods. She has already made two quilts for “little sister” and collected items to put together a beautiful, thoughtful nursery when she arrives. Alex is funny, strong, and kind. He loves getting on the floor and playing with the kids. People are naturally drawn to him because of his easy-going, fun-loving nature. He never meets a stranger and his servant heart sets the tone for our family. Alex takes great pride in his calling as a Coach. He invests time and love into his wrestlers and they become an extension of our family each season. We are both active in our church, teaching Sunday school to the elementary classes. We also volunteer with YoungLife, ministering to teenagers through building relationships with them. We would both say that being a parent is our highest calling in life and we get such JOY from our roles as Mama and Daddy.


We live in a beautiful four-bedroom brick home with a full acre of land. We have a fenced in yard and chicken coop on our property. We live just minutes away from Katie’s mom and Katie’s sister and her husband and three kids. Our boys are very close to their cousins and we spend time together weekly. Alex’s parents live two hours away but come to visit two-three times a month. We love traveling with our family and including our children on grand adventures. In the past year we have been to the beach, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Disney World, and North Carolina. We want our children to see the world and accept people from all backgrounds, countries, beliefs, races, and walks of life.


Thank you for considering our family and we will continue to pray for you as you navigate this journey. You are brave, seen, cherished, and loved.

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