Dear Friend,


We hope this letter finds you well, during this important time in your life.  We have been praying for you, and for our future little one, since we started this journey.  We know that in today’s world, it takes great courage to be able to make the decision you are making.  We have prayed for wisdom for you, for God’s love to surround you, and for His peace to wash over you as you move forward.


We believe God uses every part of our life and every decision we make to bring Him glory.  He created us in His own image, and the life growing inside of you is not an accident.  We believe He has great plans for your life and your little ones life. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  It is our prayer that you feel that truth for your life.


Our family has felt a deep calling by God to adopt a child.  Emily has always had a love for children, she is a teacher, and plans to be a stay at home mom.  She will provide your child with a loving and secure home.  Brent was raised in a family where all his aunts and uncles were adopted, as well as some of his cousins.  His passion to adopt has been with him since he was young.  He is an electrician, who works hard to provide for his family, he is fun and very hands on with his nieces and nephews.  He will be attentive, loving and provide a great life for your child.


Our family and close friends are very excited for us to have a little one.  They are excited to love our child, and be part of their life.


It is difficult to show you all of our love and passion in one photo book, but we pray you can catch a glimpse of who we are through these pictures.  We pray it gives you the confidence to trust us with a very important decision.




Brent and Emily

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