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There aren’t any words we could try to write that could possibly encapsulate our feelings toward you. More than anything else in the world, we want you to know you are a good mother, a great mother. You are courageous in a way not many are.  You are strong and inspiring to so many, and you are a giver of life, a giver of beauty and for that we will always admire you.


We cannot imagine the circumstance that led you here and the many emotions you have had to face. We are genuinely praying that you may experience peace as you seek a family to accompany you on this journey. Please know, regardless of whether we are that family, our prayers are faithfully with you.


This is a snapshot of us, our family, our life, and our story. We are not perfect. We do not have it all together, but what we have is a love that is eternal. We believe that God has intimately woven our paths to be in this place, and this moment. We are thankful that He has led our stories to intersect. We pray this gives you a better feel for who we are and the story we are living out. We also pray that this would grant you discernment whether or not you can envision us as a part of you and your baby’s story.



Who are we?

Our story begins on a dance floor, the macarena, to be specific-the rest is history. From that moment on we knew we wanted to be in each others life. We found adventure in long distance dating, and intimacy in writing letters and chatting on the phone. After a year of dating we were engaged to be married and a few months later saying “I do.”  After a year of city living we moved out west and made our home in the mountains. 8 years of marriage, two beautiful boys and we are still crazy about each other!


Why Adopt?

God has given us a heart for adoption as long as we can remember, even prior to knowing one another. We feel as though God has given us a lot of love to give and share, and adoption is a way to use those gifts. We both come from families and friendships that have adoption as part of their stories. We have friends, cousins, nieces, and nephews that are blessings through the gift of adoption. Please know, your child will be loved, encouraged, and spurred on to fulfill the gifts God has given them. Please also know, you too, will always be known, loved, prayed for and cherished in our words and actions.


Thank you,for your time. Thank you for inviting us into your story, even for a moment.

We are faithfully praying for you, for your decision, and your peace. We trust the Lord, God will grant you comfort and confidence on your path. Thank you for choosing life. Thank you for creating something beautiful.  You are a great mom.


Clay, Emily, and the boys.  

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