Hello! Nice to meetcha. Although we couldn’t pretend to know what you’ve been through or what you must be feeling at a time like this, we are so proud of your heroic choice to give this little somebody a chance. Our hope is that through this book, you may get to know a little bit about our story and why we are crossing paths at this moment. It is our hope that through this brief introspection into who we are, you could glance at even a small glimpse into our world. It isn’t always perfect or pretty, and we won’t try to make believe that it is, but we can promise you that it is genuine and heartfelt.

Creativity has always been very important to us and our home has always been filled with music, storytelling, trips to the art museum, and explorations into the strange, big, world. Should your child enter our lives and our home, they would play a big part on this journey to live life to the very fullest. They would learn that, not only could they achieve greatness, but they could be a great light for others to follow as well. They would grow up knowing the love and life that Christ offers. Lastly, we would want them to know, in due time, what a strong mother you were, and how truly legendary it was that you made this decision to grant them a chance at life.

They are Brittani and Esteban, lovers of life and all its unbound possibilities. They love Jesus and his unconditional love. Daily attempting to live out a life reflecting that love. While it isn’t always easy, they grow and learn from each experience. Most importantly, they have fun with every passing step of the journey. Their female Border Collie, Foxy, is always there to enjoy it with them too.

Esteban was born in Argentina. The second oldest child, he is the only boy among 3 sisters. He grew up in a home that speaks both Spanish and English fluently. He dabbled with theĀ  Japanese language in college as well. Esteban has a passion for these languages, their cultures, and the people who speak them. He loves music, both as a collector and a player. He also loves to do physical activities, such as skateboarding or playing with Foxy. He is very close with his sisters. Maria, the oldest, lives in California with her husband, Brian. Veronica is 23, and is a High School history teacher. Alessandra is 19 and has just graduated High School, and is planning on going to school to study Criminal Justice in the spring. Esteban graduated from the University of Kansas this past May.

Brittani was born in Tennessee. She grew up in the beautiful South United States and its rich culture. In 2000, at 13 years old, Brittani moved with her family when her dad landed a pastoral job with her current church. Brittani has one sister, Katelyn , married to Matt. They have one little girl who was born June 1, 2019. Her name is Marni Gold. They live in TN, but they visit as often as they can. Brittani is very passionate about people. She gets her energy from helping and serving others. She likes to do photography and write creatively. She also loves to explore new destinations and experiences. Most importantly, she is in love with Jesus and his relationship with her.




Esteban is 32 years old. A white hispanic caucasian male from Argentina, he is 5’10” tall and weighs 215 lbs. He has dark hair, and dark brown eyes.

Brittani is also 32 years old. She is a white caucasian female. She is 5′ tall, and has dark brown hair. She has brown-green eyes and weighs about 125 lbs.

Brittani attended Lee University in 2005-6, and finished her degree in Film & Media studies at the University of Kansas in 2010. Esteban also attended the University of Kansas and studied a multitude of subjects before graduating with a Liberal Arts & Sciences degree Spring of 2019.

Although Brittani currently works as an event planner and leasing agent at a “55 & Older” community, she maintains her passion for people and media. She gets involved with media when she can, including volunteering for the media department at her church and exercising her creativity when she can.

Esteban has driven for a shipping company for several years and has worked various positions within the company. On his free time he pursues music and has played guitar at church. He also enjoys spending time with Brittani and Foxy.

Their community and home-life could be described as “suburban” although they have a large metropolitan area no more than a 10-minute-drive away. Their city has constantly been praised as one of the best places in America to raise a family, often topping national lists and surveys.

At the heart of an interest in adoption both Brittani and Esteban trace their roots to their youth. Brittani learned at an early age that she would be infertile and thus has always been sympathetic to adoption. Esteban, also at an early age, fell in love with the idea of adoption, seeing it as a mutual gift, where both parent and child could learn from one another’s purpose in this life. And what a life it could hopefully be.

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