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Dear Birth Mom,

We are grateful to have the chance to introduce our family to you! We know that we cannot fully understand all of the emotions in your heart right now, but the fact that you are considering adoption for your sweet baby shows how strong, courageous, and loving you are. You and your baby have been on our minds for many months, and we are praying that God will give you peace and confidence as you make this important decision.

Josh and Heidi






How We Met

As crazy as it sounds, we met as four-year old children when Heidi’s family moved to Josh’s hometown. Because we are only three days apart in age, we were in many of the same classes at school and church. Our families are great friends, and as young kids we played “house” together, pretending to be married with Josh’s fort as our home! Little did we realize that a childhood game would become our reality later in life. We officially began dating after high school graduation and got married just two years later.


Our Journey to Adoption

Early in our marriage, we came to understand that our journey to parenthood would not be traditional. When doctors told us that we were unlikely to have our own children, we sought God and waited patiently as he led us to consider other ways to become parents, knowing that our desire to be parents came from him. We became licensed foster parents and cared for an infant until she was reunited with her father and stepmother. We are so thankful to have a relationship with her to this day. Almost three years ago, we became the guardians of our teenager daughter, Lexi, who has brought so much joy and laughter to our home. Now, we are praying diligently that God will add to our family again through adoption.


Who We Are

Heidi’s thoughts about Josh: Josh is my best friend. He loves to be active and is often cracking a joke to make us laugh. His love language must be acts of service because he is always willing to help around the house and with our friends and church family any time. Josh is a professor so he values education and the arts, but also loves sports, the outdoors, and games. Josh is a wonderful husband, father, and thoughtful leader of our home! I am so blessed to live life with him!


Josh’s thoughts about Heidi: Heidi is incredibly nurturing and is someone who delights in serving other people. She often surprises family and friends with thoughtful gifts. She is compassionate, patient, intelligent, wise, and funny. She enjoys playing games, singing, shopping, crafting, watching movies, and spending time with family. She is someone who has a positive outlook on life generally and adjusts well to any situation. I married up! I am so thankful for Heidi!


Lexi: Lexi has lived with us for close to three years. She has brought joy to our home and has helped us mature and grow as parents. She loves to do things with friends, be outside, draw, play games, and play with animals. She is creative, loving, and helpful! We are thankful for Lexi and know she’ll be an excellent big sister.


Bella: We have to mention our sweet puppy named Bella. She is a nine-year-old miniature schnauzer and terrier mix. She is playful and loves children and brings so much laughter to our home!


What We Do

Josh is a professor at a Christian university where he teaches writing and literature. He teaches a variety of American literature courses as well as world literature. Heidi is the office manager of the guidance office at a local high school. She also has years of experience in the business world as a human resources professional. Her desire, though, is to be a stay-at-home mom in the near future. We also think it is important to take a vacation each summer to intentionally spend time together as a family.


Our Neighborhood

We live in a quiet suburb of a metropolitan area. Our neighborhood is small and safe, and it includes many diverse young families with children. With many cul-de-sacs and sidewalks, the neighborhood is good for riding bikes and taking walks. Our home is very close to recreation areas, restaurants, shopping centers, and grocery stores.


Our Commitment

We are so thankful you are considering us as adoptive parents for your child. It would be our joy to bring both you and your child into our family. We plan to talk to your child from the very beginning about the adoption plan you made for him or her out of so much love. We will talk about you, pray for you always, and happily share photos and updates. Your child will be raised in a loving, stable, Christian home, one that is filled with love, laughter, and fun! We are committed to your child unconditionally and always. We are praying for you as you make this life-changing decision.

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