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We met early in 2013 at a Christian retreat called Encounter (formerly YATEC). Soon after we began hanging out and realized that we would likely get married. We started dating in August of that year and our dating relationship was filled with a lot of prayer. Kenton proposed in March of 2014 and we were married in August of the same year. A year later we found out we were pregnant. Six weeks into our pregnancy we experienced a miscarriage and lost our sweet baby. It was the most heartbreaking thing we had experienced so far in our marriage, but we clung to God and each other. Since then we have talked more about adoption and strongly feel that God wants to use adoption as a way to grow our family. We are so excited to add a sweet baby to our family!


Kenton grew up in a loving, Christian home with his parents, an older sister, and an older brother. He has five nieces and nephews and he loves to spend time and play with them. Growing up Kenton helped his dad take care of their farm, crops, and animals. He still has a special place in his heart for farming, animals, and driving truck or tractor. Kenton is a great example of God’s love in the ways that he loves and cares for his family and friends. He brings peace and calm to our marriage and is great in a crisis. In his spare time, Kenton enjoys watching football, spending time with friends, helping others, attending Bible study, and working on our home. He is great with kids, can read books in funny voices, and always finds ways to make them laugh. Kenton is a wonderful husband and will be a fantastic dad.


Kristina also grew up in a Christian home with loving parents and a younger sister. Growing up she helped her parents bake, garden, spent a lot of time at church activities, and worked in her mom’s classroom at school. Kristina loves spending time with kids; teaching, babysitting, and loving them. She is dedicated to her church, community, students at school, family, and friends. Kristina is involved with several Bible studies, mentors girls, and enjoys spending time with friends. Her competitiveness comes out when they play cards, board games, and sports. Kristina has a beautiful heart, selfless personality, and a zest for life. She is an amazing wife and will be an amazing mother.


We live in a small town in Midwest and own our house. Kenton has worked hard to remodel it and make it feel like home. We live within walking distance to the park, library, grocery store, and cute downtown shops. Our home is Christ-centered and full of love, laughter, and life. We like to have friends and family over to hang out, play games, and enjoy meals together. Our families visit often and our sweet babies will be surrounded by love and support.


We promise to read to our children daily, teach them about Jesus, pray with them, and make sure they know how much we love them. They will be welcomed into a home filled with patience, love, support, laughter, and respect. Thank you for taking time to learn about us. We are praying for you as you search for the perfect home and family to raise and love your sweet baby.






Thank you so much for choosing the gift of life for your child. We truly feel that God has called us to use adoption as a way to grow our family and we are stepping out in obedience to Him.


We may not know you yet, but we have so much respect for you. We cannot begin to imagine the thoughts, emotions, and sacrifices that will come your way, but we admire you so much. It is obvious that you are choosing adoption out of deep love for your child. This is a selfless decision that takes great courage and strength.


It is our belief that children should be raised with love, patience, mercy, grace, and laughter. Our children will be encouraged in their schoolwork and activities; celebrating with them in their achievements and supporting them when they struggle. We will instill values of respect, kindness, hard work, and service in our children as they grow. Most importantly, we will teach them about God and the importance of worship, studying scripture, prayer, and serving others.


You play a major role in your child’s life and we are so grateful that you are selflessly choosing life for them. We will always tell of how much you love your child and the incredible gift you have given them. They will know how amazing you are and how much we respect you. We are more than willing to stay in touch with you; sending you pictures and including you in your child’s life.


We see adoption as an incredible gift and blessing and we cannot wait to bring a sweet baby into our home. Know that we are praying for you and will support you in any way possible on this journey. The coming months will likely be filled with difficult decisions and selfless sacrifice. We pray that God will give you clarity and peace of mind to do what is best for your child. May you know how deeply loved you and your sweet baby are and may you be filled with strength, courage, and God’s peace. Thank you for taking time to learn about us and considering us to be a loving family for your sweet baby.



With love and prayers,


Kenton and Kristina

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