Dear Birth Mom,

Thank you for your selfless act to allow us the opportunity to be parents to your child. We know that was not an easy decision, but it is such a powerful statement that you are making to the world. To have the heart to place your child so they can have a better life is huge! We are very grateful to you.

We look forward to loving your child and sharing in their life together. We would like to share photos with you and keep you up to date on your child, if you would like. We plan to tell your child about you and your gracious act once your child is old enough to understand. At some point, with your permission, we want to give him/her the opportunity to meet you, if they want.

We promise to raise your child in a loving family, with loving parents, a loving big brother, and a huge extended family, which are all excited to meet your child. We promise to put the needs of your child above our needs just as you have done.  We promise to provide for your child to the best of our ability. We will support your child and encourage them to achieve his or her goals.

We laid out our family plan before we got married and your child was a part of that plan. We wanted to have one child of our own, if God allowed, and then adopt him/her a sibling. We were blessed with our first child in December 2014 and now we are excited to bring another child into our home so they can grow up together with a strong sibling bond.

Thank you again for your courage. Thank you for considering us to be parents your child. We pray that as you look through this book you will see a loving family who likes to have fun. Our wish is that you can see the many individuals in our family that will love your child.



Lou, Sally, and Alex






About Us

Lou and Sally are a very humble couple ready to welcome your baby into our home. Lou’s family is from El Salvador. Lou was born in Massachusetts and Sally was born in Kentucky. Lou moved to Florida in middle school and lived there until 2010 before moving to Georgia. Sally lived in Illinois until she was 10 then moved to Georgia. We are both strong Christians, but do not affiliate ourselves with a denomination. We are both very involved in our church. Lou volunteers in the production of our services running cameras. Sally works with students and has been with her students for 10 years. We both love short term missions and we lead a couple’s small group. Lou and Sally both have strong personalities, but they balance each other out with the help of our Heavenly Father.

Lou graduated from University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and is now a Sales Manager for a national insurance company. Lou has been with his company for 20 years. Sally graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and is now an IT Project Manager for a large international company. Sally has been with her company for 14 years.

We have a nice home with four bedrooms, 3 full baths and a partially finished basement which we hope to complete before our children become teenagers. We have a pool in the backyard which provides endless hours of fun in the summer. We live in a neighborhood that has a park and a country club. Although we are not members of the country club yet. We live close to a mall and many other stores, restaurants, and entertainment. Most of Sally’s family live within an hour drive so we see each other on a regular basis. Lou’s parents live in Florida so we visit them or they come here on a regular basis.

We have a beautiful, baby boy who is now two years old. We want to adopt another beautiful baby boy or girl so they can grow up together. Sally has desired to be an adoptive mom since she was around 8 years old. In her early thirties she became a foster parent with the goal of one day adopting. God had other plans and sent Lou along. When we were planning our wedding we discussed our family plan. That family plan included your child. Due to our age and other factors, we wanted to have one child of our own if we could and then adopt the second child fairly soon so they could grow up with a strong sibling bond.

We have been praying that God will place the right child in our home when the right time comes. We are praying for you as the birth family that God will give you wisdom to know what to do and the courage to do it. We pray that God’s peace will cover you and your family through this decision process.

We look forward to loving your child as you are showing love to your child by giving them life.

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