We are Marshall and Jenni and we are so grateful to be on this adoption journey. First and foremost, we want you to know how loved and prayed for you are, Birth Mom. The decision you are making is one of strength and love and complete selflessness, and we pray everyday that God would fill you with peace and strength during this part of your journey. As parents, we understand the gravity of your decision, and it makes us all the more grateful for you. If you should choose us, we want you to know that our son will always know how much you love him and how your decision was made out of complete love and strength. We will always speak with pride, of his heritage and his ancestry, and of the people who came before him, including you. We will work our very best to show him that he is a beloved child of God, and we will love him with an unconditional love, just as our Father loves us. We will strive to teach him to be strong and kind and a man among men. We will rejoice when he is happy and comfort him when he is not. We will sing with him, pray with him, play with him, and love him with every ounce of our beings. He will always know how much God, You, and We love him.

A little about us…
We have been married for 7 years, and have 3 biological children, ages 5, 4, and 2 and all three of them are SO excited for their “baby brother” to come home. Marshall is a Chiropractor, and Jenni is a Hairstylist. Marshall loves sports, and played Baseball all the way through college. Jenni is very creative and has played instruments and sang her whole life, and loves her job as a Hairstylist. We are hoping this means that all of our kids will have a wide variety of interests available to them, with their Dad being athletic and sporty and their mom being musical and creative. 🙂
We are very lucky that all of our family lives nearby, and that we get to see them often. Jenni has 8 siblings, and there’s 25 grandchildren on her side, so our kids have TONS of cousins who they’re super close with. Her family is very close, and when we all get together it’s pure heavenly chaos… in a good way 🙂 Marshall has 3 siblings but none of them have kids yet, so our kids get spoiled rotten by his siblings and parents 🙂 His family is only about 45 minutes from us so we see them often as well. We are very blessed to be part of such close-knit families.
We love holidays and traditions. We always get 2 Christmas trees… one for Jenni to make “perfect” and the other for the kids to decorate all themselves! They LOVE it. Jenni loves to bake and you’ll often find all of the kids in the kitchen with her, helping out. Marshall is the rock of the family. He is calm and gentle and stable. He LOVES being a Dad. Jenni is silly and quirky and is always starting dance parties in the kitchen. We make a good team. Our personalities go really well together… and the 1 thing we love most in this world is being parents. We’ve always known we wanted 4+ kids… and even while Jenni was pregnant with our last baby, we knew that our next child would come through adoption. It’s hard to explain, but the best way we can describe it, is that God literally planted a seed in our hearts… and that seed grew and grew and led us to you. We can’t promise to be perfect parents… Jenni can be too stubborn sometimes, and Marshall can be too impatient at times… but we CAN promise that we will ALWAYS love God and our children with everything in us. We will be a constant source of love to them, their entire lives, and we can promise you that.



We promise to raise our son to love and be proud of his African American heritage. We realize that we live in a world where discrimination and prejudice still exists… and we promise to raise our son to know his WORTH and to stand up to anyone who thinks differently. We promise to be a voice for the Black community, and to empower our children to be, as well. Our son will be raised knowing the sacrifices that his ancestors made to bring him here, and we will celebrate everything unique and special about what makes him who he is, as we will with all of our children.
We are fortunate enough to have many African American members at our church that we attend weekly… and we also have two different close friends who are both Adult African American Adoptees! Both of our friends were adopted as babies and grew up in white homes, and have been such a good resource for us on what worked and what didn’t and what to expect. They are also a huge support to us in this adoption, and I know they will be great role models for our son.
We also live in a very diverse neighborhood, ranging from Hispanic, to Samoan, to Indian, Black, and White.

We are so honored and humbled to be joining you on this very important journey. We love you, and we pray for you.
Marshall and Jenni.

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