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Thank you for getting to usWe hope you notice our unconditional love for each other, God and our family and friends. We hope you see our strength, faith, joy and humor. As you connect with us through our photos, we hope that you find a feeling of peace in entrusting us with your child. We understand the road that you are on right now may not be easy, just as our road to starting a family has had many bumps and turns. We hope and pray that no matter what decision you make, that it brings you peace of mind, heart and soul. We are praying for you and are committed to supporting you as shared parents to your child. We would be honored to share the title of parents with you. 

If you choose us, we promise to love and support your child unconditionally and as our own. We promise to surround your child with a safe home and loving family, community and church. We promise to continue to walk with God so we can be the best parents we can be. 

We promise to laugh with your child and live in the moment with your child every day. We promise to take them on adventures and give them the opportunity to explore the world around us. We are committed to providing your child with experiences you would want for them. Most importantly, we promise to honor you and honor the selfless gift you have given us. 


About Us! 

We met in 2007, when Ryan began a job at the same company Natasha worked. Orientation required being introduced to all company associates. When Ryan met Natasha he knew he was going to marry her one day. Love at first sight. We have been together for 11 years and married for 4. To this day we still work for the same company and car pool in together each day. 

Children were always in our life plan. For Christmas 3 years ago, Ryan gifted Natasha a Mother Child willow tree figurine. This was Ryan’s way of telling Natasha he was ready to be a dad. After 3 years of struggling with infertility we realized adoption has always been our calling. We live in a friendly farm town that is about 30 minutes from the city and live 15 minutes from both of our families. We live in a large farmhouse on 3.5 acres with a barn and a brook. We have 2 adopted dogs that would love a human sibling to run around with.   


We love day trips, nature hikes and live music. Summer weekends consist of taking the canoe out on a local lake to fish, or taking our dogs hiking and swimming. We try to experience all our community has to offer including outdoor concerts, parades, sporting events or Off Broadway shows. Fall is our favorite time of year because it means Fair/Carnival season. We love to eat all of the fair foods; fried dough, donuts, oreos. If we are not hiking with our dogs, our plans almost always include our niece and nephew aka Our God Babies. We want to help enrich and educate their lives. We love spending time taking them to the children’s museum, parks or even the pumpkin patch. There nothing like seeing the joy through their eyes. 




Ryan is 30 and a digital press operatorHe works Monday –Thursday only, leaving Fridays available for spending time with our future child. He is an amazing uncle so there is no doubt he will be an amazing father. Ryan spends time swimming with our niece and nephew in the pool, he is great at being a real life jungle gym when we are not at the playground, and is great at just being a snuggle bug and reading them stories. His favorite holiday is Halloween and we do get creative making our own Halloween costumes. Ryan loves bacon! His hobbies are fishing, hiking and riding his dirt bike.  


We are both total animal lovers.  


Natasha is 35 and a Plant managerShe loves to craftEvery year around Christmas, she takes a day off from work to make Christmas crafts with Raegan, our niece. We call is Rae day. Natasha is a lector for Sunday morning Mass at our church. Natasha is the best gift giver and card selector ever. It is her super power. She loves Christmas so much she starts shopping in February. Our niece and nephew get spoiled.  Natasha’s favorite food is tacos. When she is not crafting, her hobbies include cooking and tending to the flower beds in our gardens. She adds a new bloom every year. Natasha also loves spending time with our niece and nephew. She takes our niece to gymnastics on Saturday mornings and on Fridays we will pick them up from daycare and take them for ice cream. 


As you can see we have so much love to share and are so excited to finally add a baby to our family. 

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