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Hi there! Thanks so much for taking time to look at our profile! We are Seth and Ashia, we have been married for about five years, we have two kiddos, Jeremiah, and Melody, and we live in the Midwest. We both grew up in the Midwest and met while in college. Both of our families live in the same state as us so we get to see both of them on a regular basis which is awesome. Seth has his Master’s Degree and is a computer software guy and Ashia has her Bachelors Degree and is a Registered Nurse turned stay-at-home mom (so laundry queen) and both of us love our “jobs”.



Jeremiah was born in fall of 2014 and Melody in spring of 2016 (they are exactly 17 months apart) and we love, love, love them to pieces. We both knew even before we got married we wanted to have a large family and we wanted to have our kids close together so they could all grow up as best friends.


We have both wanted to adopt since before we were married because we love adoption. It’s been a big part of both of our families (Seth has a brother who was adopted from Latvia, Europe, when he was 16) and Ashia was adopted from foster care when she was 6.  We are so excited that the day has finally come.


We have been blessed with a 5-bedroom house that has a big fenced in backyard and a whole lot of love to give and we want to give it. We feel like to not do so would be a waste of what God has blessed us with. We think of adoption as the very heart of the gospel as we are all adopted into God’s family and we want all of our children to understand that in a very real way like both Seth and I have.


Our church is a big part of our lives. We attend on Sundays, host a small group in our home weekly, and participate in different community outreaches. Our church is co-pastored by an African American and a Caucasian pastor and they work really well together (and really hard) to make our church an ethnically and culturally diverse and welcoming place for everyone.


Our church isn’t that diverse yet but in the four years we’ve been there, there has been a lot of growth in that area and it’s something they are working really hard on and really passionate about which is something we are excited about. We are committed to making our home a celebration of each child’s heritage and uniqueness. We want them to feel awesome about who they are and understand and appreciate their history.


We want birthdays and holidays to be special and we plan to go camping and take the kids on vacations but more than that we want every day to be special in a simple way. We are both committed to making family time a priority and being very involved parents who are there in good times and hard times, always willing to listen and always seeking to understand and support and love.


Thank you for reading all of that and for considering us as a family for your child! Please know we are praying for you (and baby) and love you both already.

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