Birthmother Reviews

“Last year around Christmas, I had a situation come up with my family where I had to leave my family’s home and it was either have my kids sent to DFCS or put them up for adoption. I chose adoption and I just so happened to come across this agency alongside my family. I called and got information about putting my twins up for adoption. They were so compassionate & understanding of my situation and even sent someone to my family’s home to discuss my options. My caseworker was a complete angel in disguise! We talked for hours on end and laughed alot. I was so happy to find out it was possible to keep my son & daughter together and let them be adopted together! The process was a bit long, but all work it in the end. The families they let you pick from are all great families, but this one particular family really stuck out to me. I didn’t even want to look at the other families LifeBooks. It’s just like I had some type of connection with the family I chose. Fast forward…
We have had multiple video chats and contacted by babies through the agency and even through the family themselves. The family that adopted my children are angels in disguise and treat me like I’m their own blood family! I love how this agency cares about you and your kid(s). I would definitely recommend An Open Door to anyone that is contemplating on giving up their beautiful baby (or babies) for adoption.” – Candi

“I am a birthmother and I placed my child for adoption about 17 years ago. It was by far the best decision I could have made. They made it possible for the line of communication to stay open between myself and the adoptive parents. Thanks to Open Door for all you’ve done!” – Christine

“I used Open Door in 2019 to place my first born with a family for adoption. It was the best decision I have ever made. My caseworker went above and beyond to make sure I was supported, cared for, and loved from the very beginning. She made sure I was heard and that my needs were met. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone going through this emotional and scary time of an unplanned pregnancy.
Things my caseworker made sure to take care of for me:
– I was sure of my decision late into my second trimester. When I called, my caseworker scheduled a meeting with me right away!
– Never for a second did I feel judged or criticized. It made me feel like I could be totally honest with everything. This continued the entire time.
– Upon our first meeting, my caseworker was warm, understanding, and kind. She was never pushy. Even though I told her I was sure of my decision, she repeatedly told me that I could change my mind at any time. I truly got the feeling (and was told) that the agency cares more about the best for me and the baby than anything.
– My caseworker was extremely accommodating and funny. She was very easy to talk to. I felt comfortable sharing intimate details with her and she never flinched or made a face.
– She asked me if I needed anything and was given maternity clothes right away.
– She went to doctor’s appointments with me and even drove hours to take me to one out of town. She even jumpstarted my car once while wearing high heels! It was amazing!
– My caseworker was available via text or phone call at anytime. This was truly incredible for me. I am bipolar and pregnancy hormones are an entirely new thing I was dealing with. I would call her and freak out, or cry about things that had nothing to do with the baby or the adoption process. She always made me feel heard and she always empathized with me! She never made me feel like I was overreacting when in hindsight, I probably was. This was one of the most valuable things to me during the whole process. When I felt like I had no one, I had her.
– She was rooted in Christ and would give me words of encouragement and scripture at anytime. She was never pushy or elitist about it, just honest and real.
– When picking the family, she gave no opinion of her own. She gave me many choices and told me I could have even more choices if I didn’t like the ones I saw. She was extremely impartial and just let me look and talk. She also continued to remind me that I could change my mind at any given time.
– She made it possible for me to meet the family I chose before the birth. We ate lunch, sat and talked, cried, and laughed for over 5 hours. This was huge because now I know I LOVE these people in person, not just on paper. My caseworker was there with us the whole time even though she had been up all night with another birthmother during a birth!
– This was a big deal to me… My caseworker was so good with TMI (too much information). I have shared crazy, ugly details about the pregnancy with her (and even post-partum) and she never even bats an eye! My mom gagged every time. My caseworker just empathized and found a way to relate. Pregnancy can have some crazy details, so this was a huge help to me!
– My caseworker coordinated everything at the hospital to go better than I could have ever imagined. She was there for me, but she also respected my privacy too. I know she did things behind the scenes that I don’t even know about.
– It’s now been one month since I have delivered the baby and have placed her with the family I chose. i was preparing to be forgotten about because I wasn’t pregnant anymore. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. My caseworker still checks in on me, gives me updates, and has even driven from out of town to still see me in person. Not only am I receiving help with bills during my recover time, but I am receiving the same amount, if not more, emotional support and care than when I was pregnant.
Open Door has made me feel very empowered and like my life has purpose!
– Kaitlyn

“Working with An Open Door was a wonderful experience for me; they were very understanding to what I was going to have to go through and how I would feel in the end with placing my baby for adoption. My caseworker was a very good counselor to me. She was very real and open about the situation. I probably would never have gotten through it alone without An Open Door… so WONDERFUL!” – Lakesha

Domestic Program Reviews

“We have been honored to work with Open Door on two adoptions. They are diligent in making sure the families receive not only the services they need, but also the follow-up support & encouragement the process demands. We live in a small community and have multiple families that have been blessed through Open Door. Over the seven years of our journey, we have not only used the adoption services initially during placement, but they have provided support for multiple follow-up visits, and facilitated meeting places and support during. The journey is long & the emotional toll endless, but the backing and encouragement we received was essential.” – Mark & Misty

“We adopted our three beautiful children through An Open Door Adoption Agency. We had a perfect experience each time! The Lord’s hand is truly upon this agency!” – Caleb & Lauren

“An Open Door and their caseworkers truly love on expectant moms! The integrity of the agency is rock solid. From the very first phone call, every person I have been in contact with has shown great respect, care, and concern for each person in the adoption triad. They are the hands and feet every step of the way!” – Adullaammom

“I can’t recommend An Open Door enough if you are looking to adopt. We have used them twice to adopt domestically and they were such a blessing to us. They walked us through the adoption process and answered endless questions we had. The staff was always there for any questions we had with encouraging words during the process. We also love that they take good care of their birthmoms and actually care about them. This was very important to us in looking for an adoption agency. Our two adoption consultants were fantastic to work with! They were so caring and professional! We have worked with other agencies before, but have never been happier than we have been with An Open Door! You won’t regret choosing them, whether you are adopting or a birthmother. They will take great care of you!” – Jodie

“This adoption agency has always shown authenticity and care for birthmothers. I love the way they seek to put the birthmother and her needs as top priority!” – Haley

“Wow! The staff at Open Door are so compassionate and really care about birthmothers and their babies. They are professional, but the thing that stands out is how much they care!” – Dawn

“Working with An Open Door Adoption Agency has been really amazing! Their staff is wonderful, sensitive, and supportive. They’ve been available at all times and our advocates when we’ve needed help. We would recommend them to anyone!” – Ashley

International Program Reviews

“My wife and I recently worked with Open Door Adoption Agency to adopt three siblings from Ukraine. We had a wonderful experience and were guided through the process from start to finish with the highest level of professionalism. Our Adoption Consultant was highly knowledgeable about the Ukrainian adoption process, and will connect you with the best in-country facilitator team once you reach that step of the journey. This is not always the case, so please consider An Open Door if you are thinking about adopting from Ukraine. Thank you for all of your incredible customer service & attention to detail which allowed us to meet and fall in love with our three beautiful children.” – Steve

“My wife and I adopted two children through Open Door. The work they do is so important and I would encourage everyone to consider supporting and using Open Door as much as possible!” – Justin & Kelsey

Other Agency Reviews

“One of the most important things I can say about An Open Door Adoption Agency is that in every aspect of this operation, they powerfully demonstrate the difference between a ministry and a business. They understand that their services are also rendered during some of the most difficult and emotionally-charged times of a person’s life. In everything they do, they are as compassionate as they are professional. These are people who truly care about expectant mothers, children, and adoptive families.”
– Mike

“I can say with firsthand knowledge that Open Door is an agency that cares deeply about expectant mothers, children, and adoptive families. I have worked with Open Door for a long time and I know the heart that goes into each decision and intention behind every interaction. You are in good hands when you choose Open Door! If you want an agency that cares, this is your agency!” – Margaret

“I have worked with An Open Door for several years and I love their dedication to expectant mothers and adoptive families. They always take care of and nurture expectant mothers and also work with adoptive families to make their dreams of growing a family a reality.” – Cindy

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