An Open Door Adoption : China

China Adoption Overview

Open Door welcomes you as you begin the beautiful journey of adoption. China’s adoption program continues to be one of the most stable and efficient programs in all of International Adoption. Open Door offers special needs adoptions from China. These special needs children from China often have mild to moderate correctable, special needs and can be treated or corrected when the children arrive home to the United States. There are also healthy children above the age of 6 years offered in this program. We provide our families with an incredible partnership with Gladney Adoptions, who acts as the primary provider. This is a wonderful partnership that offers our families some appealing advantages. Close levels of guidance, support, and relatively quick referrals of children. Thousands of children wait for their forever families right now in China. We advocate for a group of waiting children and for children who are in Gladney’s orphanage partnerships throughout China. Travel is one trip lasting 12-14 days. China requires one parent to travel in order to finalize the adoption. Open Door strongly recommends both parents travel to complete the adoption.

Please contact Suzanna Warbington for more information on our China Waiting Children, at 229-886-8391

Chinese Adoption Eligibility

  • Parents must be 30-55 years of age.
  • Couples married 2 years. If previously married, married 5 years.
  • Single women may adopt from China.
  • Annual income of $10,000 for each family member including prospective adoptee.
  • Net assets valued at approximately $80,000 or more.
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) less than 40
  • Youngest child in the home must be over the age of 1.
  • Long term health issues like cancer and depression are now considered on a case by case basis.

Chinese Waiting Children

Open Door offers an incredible Partnership Program with The Gladney Center for Adoption. Together we offer a Waiting Child Placement Program in China. Children in this program are placed more quickly than those in the Traditional China program. Boys and girls in the Waiting Child program include: Babies, toddlers, and school-age children who have a minor to moderate medical needs; healthy children over the age of six.

There are hundreds of children in China with manageable medical issues who are currently waiting for families. Common medical conditions include cleft lip, cleft palate, clubfoot, a deformed limb or limb differences, congenital heart disease and Hepatitis B. Many of these conditions are mild and routinely correctable in the United States. Others are chronic and while they cannot be “cured”, many families find that the medical condition is quite manageable for the child and their family. Children with very severe or life-threatening conditions are typically not referred by the CCCWA for adoption.

Your Open Door caseworker will work closely with you to discuss which medical conditions you are open to accepting. After the completion of a home study and dossier, there are several ways that a family is able to receive a match of a child from China. A matching team will then review child profiles on your behalf in order to present you with a child profile to consider. If you would like to consider adopting a healthy child over the age of six, your caseworker will team with a Gladney Family Services consultant, to help prepare you to provide the best possible environment during your child’s initial transition. Through our Partnership Programs, Gladney also offers “designated referrals” from the CCCWA specifically for consideration only by prospective adoptive parents working with Open Door/Gladney toward their adoption. The third way we are able to offer children available for adoption in China is through Gladney’s one to one orphanage partnerships. We often have a good deal of updated medical, social, and individual information on the children available through these orphanage partnerships. Many adoptive parents are able to review child profiles for a potential match within 2-4 months of completing their adoption home study. These families then proceed to complete their adoption by travelling to China 4-6 months later.

To learn more about adopting through the China Waiting Child program, please contact Suzanna Warbington at or call 229-886-8391


China Travel Information

Adoptive parents must travel to China to meet the child they will be adopting and finalize the adoption. Open Door always encourages both parents to travel, however, in certain cases one parent may be approved to travel.

The adoption trip is approximately 14 days, including 2 days to travel to and from China, and 12 days to stay in China. Once the “Notice of Coming to China for Adoption” is issued by The China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) and Gladney has been able to confirm a visa appointment with the American Consulate General in Guangzhou, parents may travel to China for the adoption.

Families will meet their referred child shortly after they arrive to the local province in China where their child is currently residing. The child will stay with the family through the adoption process in China.

When adoptive families are ready to start preparing for travel to China, Gladney will arrange all “in-China” travel arrangements. Adoptive families are only responsible for arranging their international roundtrip travel from their home city in the U.S. to/from China. Before adoptive parents travel to China, an travel call will be conducted and travel itinerary will be reviewed. While in China, our English-speaking representatives will assist families throughout the two week trip to take care of all adoption matters and other local needs.