We are so thankful for Open Door Adoption Agency.

As I look at my son I think of the years I prayed to become a mom again. I remember those tears in my daughter’s eyes as one more of her friend’s mom announced she was pregnant and having to answer with tears in my own eyes her question of why can’t you get pregnant mom? I can hear my husband’s disappointment as we talked about our inability to conceive and grow our family and where to go from here. I am forever thankful for our beautiful healthy daughter but I struggled at times being mad at God and feeling abandoned through infertility. Our God is big and was able to handle all of my emotions. He had a plan. Through it all there were people who gave me hope, who prayed, who encouraged us, who pointed us to Open Door Adoption Agency, and through it all I have seen Gods goodness! Without my infertility I would not have my son Ezekiel! There can be purpose through our pain and GOD IS FAITHFUL!!!!
Ezekiel Dorian Henry, from the day that we held you outside of Atlanta in Donna Lee and Melvin’s home, our family felt complete. Melvin told us “he’s got some lungs on him.” I will Never forget seeing your sister hold you and staring at you with tears rolling down “mom finally I have a brother!” We made it through our waiting period in downtown Atlanta hotel while your sister had the flu, and your beyond frugal father got a second room to quarantine your sister. Your Gigi flew out to help us get you home when Hadley’s flu worsened and she/dad had to leave early. It had been 9 years since I had a newborn. Adjusting to sleepless nights again was rough but you got in a groove quickly. You love your bed and sleep like a champ. You have the most perfect smile and light up a room. You love to eat and try to grab all things. Putting a diaper on you is a chore, you have strength like nothing we have seen! Your dad and I say often you are advanced and so Incredibly smart. You love to be held and when you fall asleep with your cheek resting on our faces all feels right in the world. 
You are loved 
You were hoped for 
You were prayed for
And you were waited for