It’s Your Choice.We’re Here To Support You.

Is adoption right for you? We provide free, confidential counseling without pressure.

I'm pregnant.Adoption Is An Option!

Whether you're pregnant or already parenting, maybe you're not ready to be a mom, yet.

Adoption allows you to choose a home where your child will have all the opportunities you dream of for her.

Your adoption consultant will walk with you through the process and help you find the best home for your child.

What if I've already had my baby?

Even if you are already parenting, adoption is still an option. It’s not too late to seek help if you feel that parenting may not be in the best interest of you or your child.


We are still able to offer you many of the same adoption resources as pregnant mothers. You may use any of the contact options at the top of the page to speak with a counselor who can help you make a plan that fits you and your child’s needs.

If I choose adoption, how can you help?

Your Adoption Counselor

We have counselors throughout Georgia, so you will be able to talk to someone in your area, who can come to you, wherever you are. She'll be there to talk when you need it, answer any questions you have, and help you choose the best plan for you and your baby.


You have the option to choose the family your child is placed with. You can choose how much contact you would like to have, post-placement. You can choose what your time in the hospital will look like. You can tell us you don't want to know about the adoptive family and we can choose for you. It's all about what you're comfortable with.

Financial Assistance

We will help you coordinate with local and governmental agencies to get the help you need, including rental assistance, food, clothing, medical insurance, etc. We can also offer assistance with some of your basic living expenses so that you don't have to stress about being out of work during your pregnancy or recovery time.

Freedom to Choose

All of our services are free and available for you to choose or not. Your adoption counselor will walk you through the process, advocate for what YOU choose, and never pressure you.

Throughout my pregnancy I was able to contact my adoption counselor at any time of day, for absolutely anything I could imagine. The agency was, to me, like the father figure for the baby and my whole family up until I chose and met the adoptive couple. The bottom line is I completely and utterly am grateful for you all and will NEVER forget this great experience or any and all of the wonderful people I’ve come in contact with over the past nine months.

Hope For the Future

We’re here for you now, and in the years to come. Adoption is a journey, not a single act. Our heart to serve you extends to the future.