Thank you for taking the courageous leap towards exploring adoption as a part of your life journey.  We can’t imagine what an emotional roller coaster you are on right now. We appreciate your strength to choose life for your child whether through raising this baby yourself or by entrusting your baby to another.  We believe that whatever path you and your baby are on God will have his hand in your lives and be there to support you both when you seek him.

Psalm 91:1 states “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”  Our prayer for you is that you will find rest                                                                                                        and comfort in God while making this important decision.

If you are open to it, we are excited some day to meet you and your child. Also we are joyous for the opportunity for our lives to grow together from this child’s birth to college education and onto adulthood.

Know that we are praying for you if you make the courageous decision to parent or to adopt.

Much Love,

Adam & Kaitlin






Our Story:

We met in college; bonded over a love for God and adventure, and nine years letter here we are still in love.

Kaitlin and Adam as described by each other:

  • Kaitlin is the love of my life; she is generous and caring, enjoys baking, traveling and family time.  She is an accountant and a fun one 🙂
  • Adam is my love, he is kind and humble, loves the outdoors and adventure.  Adam is a social worker and cares deeply for helping youth.


  • We committed to adoption before we even dated.  Kaitlin was always very vocal about adoption being part of our future.
  • Kaitlin’s sister is adopted and our extended family includes both birthmothers and adoptees
  • Four years ago we decided to try for our first and adopt for our second and God said that was not our path, our calling was to adopt. So here we are, ready, willing and SO EXCITED!


  • We are excited and ready to adopt from any racial background
  • Growing up we both spent time learning about various cultures.
  • Kaitlin’s parents made it part of their lives to learn the korean culture. Adam’s parent supported refugees opening their home to many cultures
  • Our parents and siblings are thrilled to grow our family and will welcome a child of any race or background
  • We know it is critical to a child’s identity to have strong role models of their same race so we will commit to making sure your child has a support system from his or her ethnic origin
  • Our friends from all different racial backgrounds have already volunteered to be there to support, coach and guide us.


We love to travel, between the two of us we have been to 18 countries and 30 states and we still intend to travel with your child.  We value greatly seeing other cultures and diversity.  If you would like, we will commit to having your child send you a postcard from every adventure we are on together.

Family and Community:

Our families are both large and small, your child will have cousins, lots of grandparents and even some great grandparents!  We have friends of all races, religious backgrounds, shapes and sizes. Some live near and see some live far but all are close to our hearts.


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