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Dear Birth Mom,


We don’t know what is going on in your life right now, but we know it must be very difficult & are so thankful you are considering adoption.  We have been praying for you & your baby & if you choose our family, you will be a part of our family’s daily prayers forever.


We have been married 20 years & struggled with several years of infertility & 5 miscarriages.  We have 3 beautiful, living children.  All of this has left our family with a perspective of what a blessing each life is.  The miracle of life is so out of our control & none of our children are actually “ours”.  They are all God’s children that we have been blessed to get to raise.  If we were chosen by you to raise your baby, we would see them as a gift & precious life we were chosen to raise for Him.


Jennie is a fun & affectionate mother who loves being a mom!  Alan is a kind, loving father who has dependably supported our family all along.  Your baby will never have cause to doubt how loved they are.  We tell our children every night as we kiss & bless them, “I love you, always and forever, no matter what.”


Love…always & forever, no matter what,

Alan & Jennie



Who are we?

We are a close knit, adventurous family who has a shared goal to get us all to Heaven & live the life God has given us to the fullest!  We go to church every Sunday, send the kids to private school, & do almost everything together as a family.  We all practice martial arts & are 2nd degree black belts.   We are active in 4-H with Jennie being the club leader.  Jennie is fun & spontaneous and Alan is kind & dependable.


What are our occupations & interests?

Both Alan & Jennie studied engineering in college & met when they worked for the same computer company.  Alan still works with the company after almost 23 years.  He likes reading science fiction & history, working on electronic projects, watching movies, & running.  Jennie worked for over 8 years before leaving to stay home with our baby.  She loves being a stay-at-home mom.  She is a regular volunteer at the kids’ school.  She likes to do crafts, sing, decorate cakes, & read mystery books.


Where do we live?

We own a warm, welcoming home with 5 bedrooms & a large backyard with a play structure, deck & garden in a mid-sized college city.  Our family-oriented neighborhood has a park, pool, & tree-lined walking path accessible from our backyard.  We have neighbors & friends of different nationalities & religious backgrounds.


Why adopt?

With each pregnancy loss, our family’s heart has grown bigger & we feel that our happy, loving family has the capacity to love & share life with more children.  We have several friends in our church & school who have adopted babies of all different races.  We are excited to get to know you as much as you are open to doing so & can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of our lives!

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