Dear Friend,


We have been praying for you and for your future little one since we started this journey. We know in today’s world it takes great courage to be able to make the decision you are making. We have prayed for wisdom for you, for God’s love to surround you and for his peace to wash over you as you move forward.

Our family has felt a deep calling from God to start our family and continue to grow our family through adoption. We adopted our son Memphis in February of 2020, through An Open Door Adoption, and he has been our answer to prayer and our greatest joy! As a family we love to play at the park, go swimming, read books and be with our family and friends. We cannot wait for Memphis to have a sibling that he can play with, he is going to be the best big brother!

It is difficult to show you all of our love and passion in just a few photos, but we pray you can catch a glimpse of who we are as a family. We pray it gives you the confidence to make a very important decision for you and your                                                                                                          baby.



Brent, Emily and Memphis






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