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Dear Birth-mom,

I hope that you will enjoy learning about our family and take the time to look at our book.  We have 2 biological children and currently 1 adopted little girl. As you will see, our children do NOT see in color and our family already includes a Bi-racial child from our first adoption.  We have GOOD friends from Uganda and Kenya, some so close they travel with us on Family vacations – we have friends of all races! Brian and I own a business together, but ever since Grace came, I have stepped back to be home with the kids full time.  I volunteer when I can but my family always comes first. Our current kids cannot wait to complete our family with another adoption. . We know what it takes to bring a child into this world and no matter who you choose, we are grateful that you decided to carry and birth this child.  I will never understand why you have this incredible cross to bear and decision to make, I only know that we are called to help. No matter who you chose, we pray that you understand how strong and brave you already are. Grace’s birth mom is our hero…You too, will be someones’ hero and with us, you will never be forgotten.  


Love, peace and prayers, 

Mandy, Brian, Joy, Denny and Grace. 



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