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Thank you for taking some time to learn about us as you are considering creating a plan for adoption. As you scroll through our profile, we know that you are considering making one of the most difficult decisions a person can make. Amidst whatever circumstances have led you here, we admire your courage and strength to bring a precious life into this world. 


















About Us

We are beyond excited to welcome another little one into our family and would love to share a little bit about ourselves with you. We are going on seven years of marriage, and over the course of our relationship have created memories such as buying our first home, adopting our first child, adventuring to many different places around the country, welcoming 10 nieces and nephews into the family, and more. We met when we were in college (although we went to the same high school), started dating, and got married a couple of years later. After three years of marriage, we began pursuing adoption in 2018. In 2019, our sweet little Zoe Grace was born. We’ve had so much fun being parents and raising Zoe, and we can’t wait to welcome another child into our family. 


Our Family

Caleb comes from a family of seven (he is one of five kids and is a twin!), and Katie comes from a family of four. Family is very important to us, and we have a good relationship with both sides of our family. We currently live in the same area as both of our sets of parents and see them regularly, which is especially fun for our daughter Zoe – she loves her grandparents! Both sides of our family have been very supportive of our adoption journey and love Zoe so much. Adoption is not new to our family (Caleb’s sister has also adopted), and they have shown willingness to learn about the world of adoption. 


Our Work and Interests

Caleb has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and works as an financial auditor. He spends his free time reading lots of books, working around the house, and watching baseball. Katie has a master’s degree in counseling and, although she primarily stays home with Zoe, she currently works a few hours a week as a mental health therapist with children, teenagers, and young women. She loves to stay active and tries to coach and play volleyball and basketball whenever she can. Katie also loves to create art, especially calligraphy and hand lettering and sometimes teaches art classes.


Our Home and Community

We live in a comfortable four bedroom, three-bathroom house in a safe, quiet neighborhood that is full of all different types of people. Within a few miles of our home are playgrounds and parks, our local downtown area, restaurants, shops, and more. We love to go to the park and enjoy going on family walks. Several of our close friends live within just a few miles of our house which we are so thankful for!


Our Friends

Our friends and church family are a key part of our life together. We have many supportive and encouraging friends – even friends who are adoptive parents and adult adoptees – who have prayed for us as we grow our family on this adoption journey. We currently attend a church that is pastored and led by Black leadership and has a racially diverse congregation. This is important to us in many ways – we think it’s very important to surround ourselves with people who are different from us. We want to raise our children in an environment where they know and love others, especially others who may not look like us. We also want to be a part of a community where if we were to adopt transracially, there would be friends and mentors that look like and come from the same background as him or her. We are also connected to several other adoptive families in our community and get together with them regularly for support, friendship, as well as for playdates for our kids. 


Why Adoption

We have always known that we are unable to have biological children, and we see this as a calling that God has placed on our lives to love, nurture, and raise children through adoption. Adoption is about choosing and loving a child, just as God has chosen us and loved us as His children. We would be honored to unconditionally love, encourage, support your child should you choose us to be parents to your little one. We also understand that adoption is complex and can come with a lot of questions and grief. We are continually trying to learn more about how we can be supportive parents to children who are adopted. 


Our Promise to You

We want you to know that should you choose to lovingly place your child in our family, we would always honor you in the way we speak about you. We would also love to meet you and share pictures and updates over the years if that is something you would want. We promise that we would seek to provide your child with the love and support that he or she needs as long as we live and to point them to Jesus as their ultimate provider.

We recognize and respect that you have a difficult choice ahead of you, and we want you to know we are praying for you – that you may have wisdom, peace, and hope as you move forward in whatever you choose. We pray you find rest in the coming months. And most of all, we pray you know how treasured you and your child are by God. 

With love,

Caleb and Katie


“May the Lord bless you and protect you; May the Lord smile on you and be

gracious to you; May the Lord show you His favor and give you His peace.”

Numbers 6:24-26

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