Dear Expecting Mother,

We are so humbled to be considered to raise your precious child. We are praying for you and your little one. What you are going through no one fully knows but God. We believe that in this process He will be with you to comfort you, to guide you and to give you peace beyond understanding. We are so grateful for your courage and perseverance especially in the pressures of today’s world.

Our story is unique. Ten years ago, after struggling with infertility for many years, we pursued adoption. We were matched not too long after and began to wait for David to be born. We prayed and prayed for this little guy and his mother. When David was born, we were overjoyed that he was a healthy, beautiful, biracial baby boy! We have always had a desire to have a diverse family if we were to adopt and this desire was fulfilled when David was born.  This wonderful detail would weave into a beautiful story that only God could write.


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When David was about 16 months old, we reached out to the same adoption agency and shared with the director that we wanted to start the adoption process again as we longed for David to have a sibling. Only about a week later, the director called us back explaining that there was a birth mother seeking a biracial couple but wiling to speak with us since we had a biracial child. We met Rebecca for lunch and there are truly no words to describe a meeting like this – God gave her a complete peace as she got to know us. Well as God would time it, Abigail was born the same night that we met Rebecca.

The sacrifice the selflessness and the love of David’s and Abigail’s birthmothers are a gift beyond words. We are forever grateful to them for giving David and Abigail the gift of life. We have known in our hearts that the Lord has more children for our family. After many confirmations, God as led us to adopt again. This time it is not only Caleb and I waiting eagerly in expectation, but it is now our children who also excitedly await this precious gift (or gifts) from God. We believe God makes no mistakes and that His timing is perfect.

Love always,

Caleb, Lauren, David and Abigail


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