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We are Carlos and Farrah and we are grateful that you have taken the time to learn more about us. We cannot imagine what you may be going through but we pray that God blesses you as you consider your choices.

Throughout your journey we hope that you feel supported and loved. You have shown such a deep love for your child by seeking out your options and considering adoption. If you do decide to make an adoption plan, we want to assure you that we value your role as birthmother and support an open or closed adoption plan, whichever you choose.

Our hearts are open. We want nothing more than the opportunity to love a child deeply and completely through every stage and challenge of life.

Know that you are on our hearts and minds. Above all else we want for you to choose what is best for you and your wonderful child.







About Us

We met in 2004 when we pledged a co-ed Christian fraternity and sorority. Keeping in touch with each other through mutual friends, we found that we were very fond of each other. We started dating in October of 2009 and were married on July 8, 2012. 

We both love to laugh and are pretty competitive. Date nights leave us laughing for hours with our mini competitions at the arcade, the bowling alley, or game nights at home where we can slap cards on the table and yell, “UNO!”

Two years after we were married, filled with the excitement to expand our family, we were diagnosed with infertility. We knew that God had given us this overwhelming desire to love, nurture, and teach a child. So, we took time and allowed God to heal our broken hearts and prepare us for our new addition His way. 

During these 8 years of marriage we have taken time to strengthen our foundation, travel, begin careers that we are passionate about, laugh hard, and love harder. 

We are more than ready and excited to expand our family and begin our journey as parents. Through the miracle of adoption we can provide unconditional love and finally make what we’ve prayed for and dreamed of, a reality. 


A Little About Carlos

Carlos was born and raised in the Midwest. He is the youngest of two children and has two nephews.

He is currently in a career he has dreamed of, serving as a Sheriff in a nearby county.

He serves as security for the church as well as feeds the homeless and elderly.

He enjoys watching movies, swimming, roller coasters, paint balling, bowling and cookouts.

Carlos loves a good family vacation as they have always been a tradition growing up.

Carlos enjoys the holidays and is known for his amazing gifts.

Making people smile and keeping people safe is his gift and his passion.


A Little about Farrah

Farrah is the 2nd youngest of 5 children. She was born in the South and moved to the Midwest at 5 years old.

She is a graduate of a small Christian University where she studied Business Administration.

She has an amazing career that she loves in the insurance industry.

She enjoys getting her hands dirty with activities like painting, building, and remodeling.

Farrah loves to sing and dance like no one is watching and often does.

You can usually find her working with the youth teaching dance, leading youth groups and mentorship.


Our Promise to you:

Please always know we will unconditionally love and cherish your child and we will make sure that he/she will be proud to be adopted. We hope this book gave you a look at our lives and we look forward to meeting you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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