Hi! We’re so thrilled to finally meet you. As we sat down to write this letter to you, there was only one word that filled the space of both the paper and our hearts:


The choice you have made today is a lot of things: it’s brave, it’s difficult, and it’s courageous. But it’s so much more than that: it’s sacred. It’s a choice rooted in what as parents we already know to be the deepest earthly love someone can feel: the love of a parent for your child. We believe the choice you have made is a direct reflection of God’s perfect love. It is selfless, compassionate, and kind.

Our family has always been called to adoption, and you’ve been a part of our lives before you even read this letter. You’ve been on our hearts, our minds, and the subject of our prayers for many years.

To us, you’re already part of our family, and we look forward to developing a relationship with you that you feel comfortable with. You can be the guide, but you will always have a seat at our table.

Most of all, we already love your child (or twins!).

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In our family, your child will grow up surrounded by love and always have a deep sense of confidence and self worth that stems from being unconditionally loved. Madi is a very involved stay-at-home Mom and Derek has the privilege of working from home, which makes for a close-knit (and fun!) family environment. Being parents to our children is the greatest joy of our lives, and we soak it all in. We laugh a lot. We support each other fiercely. Derek coaches the kids’ sports teams, and Madi is “room Mom” at the children’s schools. We celebrate both each other’s big wins and small victories equally, and support each other unwaveringly through less-than-ideal circumstances. We regularly have dance parties before bedtime. We love our family traditions, and are intentional in one on one time with our children. We love crazy adventures, and place an equal importance in simply slowing down and being together. Your child (or children!) have a brother and a sister anxiously awaiting the arrival of their “new best friend,” will be loved like crazy by four absolutely adoring grandparents, and welcomed with open arms by a community of lifelong friends.

We have the privilege of raising our family in a suburb of one of the most racially diverse cities in the United States, and our community reflects that. Our children grow up surrounded daily by people of all backgrounds, races, and ethnicities, and we believe that is very important. Our city will provide your child with a starting place to go anywhere or be anyone they want to be. We also love having access to some of the best schools, cultural attractions, and most of all, people, in the world. Our children get to do things daily that most other kids only get to do on field trips, and we’re so grateful for that!

Our family isn’t perfect, but we love hard. We choose joy. We celebrate the privilege of another day, and overuse “I love you.” We live a life of adventure that begins in the walls of our own home, and we can’t wait to show it all to you.

We know this is a difficult decision, so we hope you find peace in these promises:


  1. Your child will be unconditionally and intentionally loved.
  2. Your child has the world’s best big brother and big sister, Boz (5) and Birdie (3).
  3. Your child will always be wholly supported for exactly who they are.
  4. Your child will grow up in a stable, secure, and loving environment.
  5. Your child’s every need will be fully provided for.
  6. Your child will be raised with understanding, compassion, and patience, and will know the world is a good place.
  7. Your child will be raised to know the joy of the love of Jesus.
  8. Your child will be raised to be confident and know their self worth and their value.
  9. Your child will always know the depth of your love for them, and the sacrifices you made for them.
  10. Your child will be taught to honor their story and their DNA.


We will spend the rest of our lives showing them what it means to be deeply loved, and we will always tell them the story that this holy love started with you.


We are with you.


Madi, Derek, Boz, and Birdie

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