Dear Mama, 

We cannot fully imagine all that has gone into this choice. Thank you for choosing to love and care for your child by making an adoption plan. We promise to honor you and your adoption plan in our family always. We are strong believers that through this process, God will work out the best for your child, you, and us too. Know we are praying for you! It means so much to us that you would take this time to get to know us through our letter and portfolio. 



Fifteen years of marriage has shown us that we really are each other’s best friends. We met and fell in love in college. Over the years, we have learned how to have fun together, help one another, and communicate effectively in the big and the small things.  We are committed to a life together. Facing infertility led us to prayerfully pursue adoption to build our family. We are so glad we did!  In mid-2019, we were blessed to bring home our daughter Kate through the gift of adoption. We love being her parents and are eager to welcome another sweet little one (or twins!) into our home. Kate loves babies so we know she will enjoy being a big sister.  We know that love makes a family.

Please know we are praying for you and for your child.  We are excited to meet you and learn more about you and your story as well as your hopes and dreams for your little one.  We promise to share who you are with your child and honor the difficult, loving choice you are making through adoption. Please know how important and loved you will be to our whole family. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us more.  We look forward to meeting you!

With love, 

Josh & Colleen


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Our Home & Life Together

Sitting just outside of town, our 5 bedroom, 4 bath home sits on 1.5 wooded acres and is filled with fruit trees, a vegetable garden, berry patches, flowerbeds, and a large, grassy area to play.  Kate loves to play in the yard on the swing set or with our loveable Goldendoodle dog Callie. Our home is often filled with friends and family – we love being hospitable.  We value spending time at home just doing life together or adventuring in our community on walks or visiting local parks.  A recent favorite family activity for us is going on State Park pop-up camper excursions. Yet, we know it’s the daily, little moments that bond a family; that’s why we prioritize reading books together, intentional play, snuggles, spontaneous dance parties, conversation, and sharing meals, too.  



Josh is a devoted father and husband.  He is extremely hard working, exceedingly faithful, really funny, and very humble.  He owns a small business that he operates seasonally and is also a High School Math & Computer Science teacher.  His schedule offers wonderful flexibility which allows for lots of family time. Josh has a lot of talents – guitar (he plays on the church worship team), building/renovating, woodworking, maple syrup making, gardening, and basically anything hands-on.  He loves to learn new things and teach them to others – like our daughter Kate. He loves to take Kate on errands with him, for Kate to follow him around the yard, or just snuggle with him for some book reading. Josh loves being a dad to his little “sweetie”. 



Colleen loves her family deeply.  She prioritizes making sure home is a safe, loving, orderly, and fun place. She is extremely loyal, generous, efficient, and thoughtful. A former High School English teacher, she loves to read books and even organizes a women’s book club at church.  She absolutely loves that Kate enjoys books, too. Trips to the library are a highlight for her and Kate. Colleen has two part time jobs as an administrative assistant that she is able to do from home during Kate’s bedtime or naps. She loves that her work allows her to have so much flexibility to be with her family. Colleen enjoys cooking, baking, camping, gardening, seeing friends, and any excuse to be hospitable. Being Kate’s mom has truly given her a more full understanding of what it means to love. 



Kate is full of joy and silliness.  She’s observant, gentle, and sometimes, a little spunky.  She loves to “walk” Callie our dog around the house, play with her dolls, paint pictures, make meals in her play kitchen, and most of all, have her parents read her mountains of books.  Recently she’s been enjoying helping Mom bake cookies for church a few times a month. She’s very interested in going places and seeing people.  She especially loves any chance to play at a park – which is a pretty regular occurrence. 


Our Values

As a family, our faith is central to all we do.  We seek to love others as Christ loves us, to be humble, and to live with integrity in all things.  We prioritize involvement in our local church and are so thankful for the caring, supportive community we have there.  We value spending time together as an immediate family as well as our extended family, who thankfully live fairly close.  Being educators, education is also very important to us. Our family is deeply committed to togetherness, kindness, faithfulness, and love.

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