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We are Drew & Stephanie and we are so very excited at the thought of becoming parents! Though we can’t imagine what you are going through at this time, we admire you so much for choosing life and considering adoption.


Looking back it is clear that the Lord has been preparing us for this special journey for a long time. We pray for you and hope that you feel loved and supported in your journey. The depth of the privilege to be chosen as parents to your baby is not lost on us and we thank you for your careful consideration toward such an important match.


Please know that we are praying for you and your baby, and that God will guide you and give you peace, comfort and wisdom in equal measures. 


God Bless,

Drew & Stephanie






Drew and Stephanie met at work.  They developed a strong friendship that grew into love.

Both agree that finding each other was worth the wait.


Drew’s favorite thing about Stephanie is her big heart for people and animals. He is excited to see her as a mom and knows that as their family grows so will their bond.


Stephanie’s favorite thing about Drew is his incredible loyalty and how he brings the very best out in her. She just can’t wait for Drew to be a Dad, he is so intentional with his love and she knows their baby will be blessed by his dedication to their family.


The family currently consists of Drew, Stephanie; Emmy and Winston; the two fur babies.  Emmy and Winston enjoy snacks, walking around the park near their house, camping, riding the paddle board and more snacks!  Drew and Stephanie have a beautiful backyard with plenty of space for their baby to grow up. The puppies will be showing the new one all of the secrets of the backyard to be sure! There are squirrels to watch, rabbits and many birds that call the yard their home.


Drew and Stephanie live in a diverse neighborhood. They have friends and family members of many different backgrounds. Their church has diversity in it, there are several church members who have adopted and created blended families.


Who Are We?

We are Drew & Stephanie, a financially secure, fun couple that loves adventure, time with family and look forward to adding a little one to the family. We love outdoor activities as well as movie and game nights indoors. We enjoy kayaking, fishing and camping together and cannot wait to take a little one along!


Drew enjoys time fishing and being at the lake, he loves brownies and watching movies. Stephanie loves gardening, reading, cooking and paddle boarding with the puppies.  They both love their time at the family cabin and look forward to sharing the trails and fishing holes with their baby.


Drew loves the Lord and is the spiritual leader of the home, he is very patient and has a giving spirit.  Stephanie is passionate about her faith and active in their church, she is tenderhearted and caring.


What Do We Look Like?

Drew is a 31 yr old Caucasian American, 5’9″ tall, weighs 150 lbs., has medium skin, dark hair and brown eyes. Stephanie is a 40 yr old Caucasian American, 5’2″ tall, weighs 113 lbs., has fair skin, light hair and hazel eyes.


What Are Our Occupations?

Drew and Stephanie work in the Oil and Gas Industry. Drew is an Emission Tech and helps to ensure that the company stays in compliance, he uses state of the art technology to provide emission solutions. Stephanie is a Traffic Analyst and works closely with surrounding stakeholders and the county to provide traffic solutions to the communities where we operate.


Where Do We Live?

Our ranch home is located in a diverse and friendly neighborhood.  We are surrounded by mature trees and enjoy a lush yard full of flowers. We have 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a farm style kitchen with adjoining hearth room, living, family and playroom. We enjoy our patio area where we have coffee in the morning or sit and chat in the evening.


Why Adopt?

We desire to have a family, and felt led to pursue adoption as opposed to fertility treatments. Stephanie has spent time working in an orphanage earlier in her life and that is where God planted the adoption seed in her heart to adopt someday. Once she met Drew the “someday” grew in their hearts and after praying and waiting the “someday” is now.

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