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We do not know you, nor the heartache and pain that you are going through. It takes tremendous courage to parent and even more courage to place your child in the hands of a stranger hoping that they will care and love for your baby in the way that your baby deserves. Know that making an adoption plan for your baby makes you no less of a mother than if you were to take care of them and guide them through all of life’s ups and downs. But we hope to get the chance to know you, and the child you are carrying. 


Adoption has always been on our hearts. We met at church and when we had the “kid” conversation prior to getting married, we both mentioned our heart to adopt. We have now been married ten years, have two beautiful boys and are hoping to add a little girl to our family. Shortly after our youngest was born our oldest started praying for a little sister. Our 3 year old prayed every day for a year and a half for a baby sister!! He is now almost 6 and keeps asking when she is coming home. Both our boys are so excited to welcome a little girl into our home.



We cannot guarantee that she will live a perfect life, nor that we will be the perfect parents. But what we can promise is that we will love her with all our hearts, that she will be taken care of, and that she is entering into a very loving home with two big brothers who have amazing hearts. Our entire family is so excited to welcome a child and we have another adopted child in our extended family so she will have support. We also have a lot of friends that have adopted children, and they are so excited to support us on our journey. 


We are both teachers which means we spend the summer adventuring and spending time with our kids, and we have all breaks off with our kids since we are in the same school district. We always take at least one trip during the summer, and we spend a lot of time in the mountains year round (skiing, hiking, enjoying the outdoors). Family is super important for us and we spend a lot of time with extended family and are blessed to be really close to everyone in our family. We also have the perfect daycare situation as our next door neighbor runs a daycare out of her house and is holding a spot for our adopted child when she comes. 


We pray for your every night. We do not know what you are feeling right now. We pray for your decisions, that you would feel good and confident no matter what you decide.

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