Jared & Sarah

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Dearest Birth Mom,

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us.

We imagine this can be a confusing and difficult time as you navigate the best option for you and your precious baby (or babies). We have the utmost respect for you and we are so encouraged by your decision to choose life.

We pray for you often, that you will find peace and comfort in God’s unchanging promises. We serve a great God; He knows our deepest needs. God is faithful and God is love. He will be with you through every trial and He will give strength to your heart when you need it most. We are praying that you will sense His love and care for you in a special way throughout your journey.

It is our wish to be able to meet you one day, to share stories of how God has moved in each of our lives, how His plans are greater than anything we could wrap our heads around, and how God’s love never fails.

Below is a snapshot of who we are. We hope you enjoy!

With love and gratitude,

Jared, Sarah, Levi & Ezra

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