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Dear Expectant Parent,


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family and considering us to parent your child.  What an important time in your life and the life of your child, and we would be humbled to be a part of your story.  How strong and courageous you are as you prepare to make a decision that will impact your life and that of your child forever – what selfless, sacrificial love you hold for your baby!


We are open to adopting an infant child of any race or gender.  We are also open to twins.  We have plenty of room in our home and hearts for the child or children who God places in our family.  We are very excited about the opportunity to expand our family, and we can’t wait to welcome the child(ren) we lovingly refer to as the “little caboose” who will complete our family unit.


As you read our profile, we hope you will catch a glimpse into our lives, personalities, hopes, and dreams.  We are not a perfect family, as no family is, but we are a family filled with unconditional love and support for one another.  We strongly feel that every person has a story – it will contain bumps in the road at times but also laughter and success.  Whereas we are already a multiracial/transracial adoptive family, we understand that the story of a birth family is just as important to an adopted child as that of the family in which they are raised – your story is part of your child’s story and should be respected and known by your child.  We are committed to ensuring that your child’s heritage will be preserved and honored.





Getting to Know Us


We are both in our early forties, in good health, and have been married for 17 years.  We met at a Baptist church in our early twenties and continue to be very active in church activities. We live in the southern region of the United States and have a hobby farm (more like a petting zoo) with a variety of pets, including an alpaca, goats, peacocks, doves, chickens, a goose, cows, and dogs (two Great Pyrenees and a Bernese Mountain dog).  There is always a lot of fun to be had around our little piece of farmland, whether it is swimming, playing basketball, swinging, or zip lining from the fort in the backyard and down into a pasture.


Jason is quiet and soft spoken until he gets to know someone and feels more comfortable, then he opens-up and is a lot of fun to talk to and be around.  He has been employed in the in the automobile manufacturing industry for over 22 years and works in the quality control division of the company.  He  enjoys being outdoors, and his perfect day would be spent riding his tractor and working around our hobby farm, walking down to the river, gardening, or caring for our pets.


Erica is outgoing, talkative, and the social butterfly of the family.  She is an attorney and spent the first decade of her career in private practice and now works as a senior associate counsel in government practice, where she directs a litigation unit that focuses on cases involving individuals who have abused or neglected people with disabilities.  She anticipates taking several months off from work after adopting, but she does anticipate ultimately returning to her career.  She has significant job flexibility, though, and is also able to work from home most days.  While at work, our new child will attend a small Christian-based daycare just down the road from our home.  Erica enjoys swimming, traveling, reading, fishing, sewing, baking, and playing the piano.


Why adopt?


Adoption has been a desire of our family since we began dating, so we knew that regardless of whether we conceived a child, we would ultimately adopt.  Adoption was never a Plan B for us, it was just part of THE plan – God’s plan.  When Erica gave birth to Ashton, she experienced complications that led the doctors to advise against another pregnancy, but instead of getting upset, Jason and Erica found comfort in knowing that God had been preparing them for this turn of events because He had already laid adoption on their hearts years ago.


Our Children


Our son, Ashton, is 15 years old.  He loves animals and anything that involves tractors or sports. If he has a ball in his hand or is in the hayfield (and throw-in the occasional Play Station game), he is a happy teen.  He is active in his school’s FFA (Future Farmers of America) organization and our church youth group.  He is very excited about the possibility of a new sibling!  He is so patient, caring, and a wonderful big brother to our daughter, and we know he will be equally as loving towards his new sibling.


Our daughter, Maura, is 11 years old.  She was adopted from Ethiopia as an infant.  She is so spunky, energetic, and full of life!  She is a competitive gymnast who has earned numerous state titles, but truly, her love of and dedication to the sport is what makes her heart shine bright.  She enjoys playing with her American Girl dolls (especially styling their hair) and loves anything mermaid related.  She is beyond ecstatic about possibly having a new sibling and says that she can’t wait to change diapers – we will see how long her thrill and excitement about diaper changing lasts!


Holiday Traditions


Holidays mean family, fun, and celebrations…and food, I mean, what is a holiday without sharing a meal around a table, pool, or campfire?


Easter always involves a play or drama at church and egg hunts – from the twenty years old cousin to the two years old cousin, everyone has fun and participates.  We generally host the Easter family social at our house and for weeks later will sometimes find forgotten eggs hidden in the yard.


In summer months, we enjoy hosting pool parties for church socials, family, and friends.  Fourth of July is especially fun because after a long day of grilling and swimming, we end the night together with our family under a sky lit-up with fireworks.


Halloween typically includes gathering with friends for pizza and cupcakes then taking the younger children Trick-or-Treating.  We also have a fall party at our church, so we enjoy games, food, costumes, and laughter with our church family.


Thanksgiving always involves Jason’s sister’s delicious chicken and dressing and yummy pecan pie, but what the children most look forward to is playing together outside before the first snow generally falls. We also spend time individually expressing our thankfulness before we eat.


Christmas is Erica’s favorite time of the year.  Every room in our house is decorated, and most have Christmas trees twinkling in them too.  Our decorations include a blend of ethnicity ranging from African American to Native American to Caucasian angels, nativity sets, and Santa Clauses – we celebrate diversity and the commandment to love and respect one another.  Erica hosts a ladies’ luncheon and ornament swap each year for church members, and the children have friends over for get-togethers.  Caroling is also a favorite with our church youth group.  We celebrate with Jason’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, and Santa generally arrives for a quick visit!  We celebrate with Erica’s side of the family on Christmas Day for dinner.


Our favorite tradition, though, occurs on Christmas morning.  Before the first gift is opened, we read the story of the birth of Jesus in Luke 2, we have a circle prayer time, and we sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus before we blow-out candles on His birthday cake that Maura and Erica make together on Christmas Eve.  It is a wonderful way to keep Jesus at the center of the Christmas celebration!


Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about us.  If you think we may be a good match for you and your little one(s), we would love to connect with you!




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