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Hello! Thank you for taking some time to learn more about us!


We know you have many big decisions ahead of you, and regardless of the outcome, we honor you. Thank you for walking a road that is certainly not easy, for choosing courage, and loving your child well. We pray that as you walk through this journey with your child you are filled with peace beyond understanding, that you feel seen and known, and that you are surrounded by love.


We are Jeff and Renee. We met working together at a missions organization and although it wasn’t love at first sight (it took us a while to see eye to eye on anything) when we fell, we fell fast. Like any other, our story has had its highs and lows, but we believe it’s the daily, ordinary moments that really make a life, and those are the moments we live for. We love being a team, being parents, and making the most out of the ordinary, everyday moments.



Jeff is an operations manager at a non-profit. He is loving, protective and thoughtful and loves being a dad. His passion for travel and adventure runs deep, and he’s always planning our next family get away.


Renee is a full time mama who loves getting to spend her days with our kids. She is bold, patient and compassionate, loves to cook and host people in our home, and has never met a taco she didn’t like.


We are passionate about family and feel certain that the Lord has led us here in our journey. Our promise to you is that we will deeply love and cherish the life you have carried and nourished, should you choose for them to become a part of our family. We will always hold space for your child to know, love, honor and pray for you, and will never let a day go by without them knowing how deeply loved they are by you, by us and by the Lord.


May your coming days be filled with peace and love – we are praying for you!



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