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Thank you for taking the time to view our profile! We know you have a difficult decision to make and we thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. It takes great courage to choose adoption and the knowledge that you have done so fills our hearts with gratitude and respect for you. We hope this profile will help you get to know us little bit!

With each passing moment we happily look forward to welcoming your new child with the same abounding joy. We can’t wait to get to know them and watch them grow and learn.

We are Jesse and Breanna, a fun loving, family-oriented couple living in the United States. We are Christians who love the Lord and live our lives to glorify Him.



More About Us:

Jesse is 28 this year. He has dark curly hair, hazel-brown eyes, and stands 6’3″ tall. He loves various outdoor activities, swing dancing with his wife Breanna, and taking his kids on adventures. He graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently works as a Quality Engineer to provide a steady income for the family.

Breanna is 30 this year. She has long dark blond hair, blue eyes, and stands 5’4″ tall. She joyfully embraces her role as mommy, staying at home to take care of and teach their children. She loves to cook quality food for the family, keep the home running smoothly, and is currently teaching the kids to read and learn beginner math. She loves to ride horses, draw, and write when she has time.

Tehya and Tahlia are our 4-year-old identical twin girls. They have curious and caring hearts and are full of boundless energy. Kiran is our youngest at 2. He loves all things ball related and loves to cuddle when he isn’t copying his sisters. Each of the kids have been joyfully anticipating adding a new brother or sister to dote on.


Where We Live:

We live in a wonderful, safe community near many other families with children as well as convenient stores, a lake, a library, the zoo and lots of playgrounds! Our home is two stories with 4 bedrooms, and a nice fenced backyard.


Why Adopt?

Why have we chosen to adopt? We have always desired a family full of love and laughter, and after the birth of our third child, Kiran, neither of us felt our family was yet complete. We have both grown up with family friends who have adopted several children, and adoption has been on our hearts for some time now. Due to the slow and rough recovery Breanna experienced after birthing Kiran, we decided it would be best to choose adoption for our next child. Please know that we see adoption as God’s plan for our lives. We have prayerfully considered all of our options and we are excited to choose this path. We do not see it as a “second best” option for having a child, but believe it to be God’s original plan for us. We hope this profile has answered some of your questions about our family.

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