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Dear Birth Mother or Birth Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to review our profile and to learn more about our family. It takes great strength and unselfishness to make a decision that is right for you and your baby’s future. We are happy that you have made the decision to work with the staff at An Open Door Adoption Agency as they will be willing to assist you. We want you to know that you are not in this alone. We will keep you and your baby in our thoughts and prayers as you weigh your options in making the best decision for you and your baby.










Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a Secretary at a University setting and work with many international and minority students, faculty, and staff. I can relate to adoptive children because, I was adopted from South Korea along with my twin sister at the age of 6 months. I can tell you from my own experience that our adoptive parents not only provided the necessities for us but also provided us a loving and caring home. Jesse and I want to provide that same opportunity for your child if you so choose.

Hello, my name is Jesse and I am Lisa’s husband and we have been married for 9 years. I am an Employment Specialist for a State Government agency. Lisa and I both have stable employment that financially provides us the ability to support your child. We would provide a safe and fun-loving environment for your child and would be willing to work with you to still remain a part of your child’s life.

Lisa and Jesse met at Lisa’s twin sister and our now brother-in-law’s wedding.  Jesse was trying to figure out the best time to approach Lisa to break the ice and it worked!

Things that Jesse and Lisa like to do together are: watching movies, trying new foods or restaurants, going for a walk, and taking Jett to a park.

Jesse enjoys spending time with our son Jett and family and friends, enjoying a date night with Lisa, gardening, traveling, and watching sporting events.

Lisa enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, cooking, trying new food and restaurants, and watching Hallmark movies. In addition, she likes animals, traveling, and relaxing with a good book.

Our son Jett is 5 years old. Jett is currently in Kindergarten. Jett enjoys being around his friends and anything sports related. Jett has an outgoing personality and loves sharing with us what he has learned and done each day. Jett is excited about adding another addition to our family and he will make a great big brother.

We love our home, town, and neighborhood. We have lived in our town for 8 years. Our community has so much to offer including a growing K-12 school a couple blocks away, clinic and hospital, multiple parks, lakes, grocery store, churches, movie theatre, golf course, and lots of citizens passionate about their town with lots of town events throughout the year. Our town is small enough so everything is within a short walking distance. We live in a quiet part of town with great neighbors that look out for each other and families with children nearby. Lisa’s family farm just outside of our town and our family enjoys the country life as well. Our families live close by and we spend a lot of time together.

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