Sweet Sweet Birthmother,


We long to know your name!  You are important to us.  You matter.  You are worthy of God’s love and your sacrifice brings dignity and grace to you.  It’s amazing that it’s possible for people spinning around a rock in the middle of the universe can cross paths in such a way.  The same sunshine that falls on you falls on us, and on your child.  We are connected in this world by such acts of love and sacrifice, and we will always honor you.  We will always be thankful for you.  And we will always speak of you to your child and our words will be uplifting.  Your child will be raised in a home with a loving father and mother who are dedicated to each other and will provide security and a solid foundation for your child.  We have scars from our past and we know the value of kindness, love, and peace in a home.



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Our home is full of pets, music, and lots of laughter.   Outside, your child will get his or her hands dirty playing with the horses or puppies or whatever sport of the day is happening.  Inside, your child will be showered with music, painting, and home-cooked meals.  Kellie is an animal lover and horse rider.  Joel plays piano and coaches most sports.  We are big thinkers.  We don’t care what other people say about us as we walk life’s journey.  We are solid in our faith and value every single person we meet.  Your child will get to serve others who are hurting or who are in need.  We can’t imagine your feelings in the days ahead-the ups and downs and how they weigh on you.  Keep your head up.  Keep your strength and take courage.  We are praying for you and your child.  And at all times, we honor you.


Please enjoy these pictures and allow them to give you a glimpse into our family and animal filled life! We met in 2015 and Kellie gets to be the stepmom to Joel’s three children.  The older two kids are an adopted sibling set, they are both graduated and off to college now! The younger daughter is a junior in highschool.  We enjoy family time, the outdoors, and traveling! Kellie works from home on the farm and Joel owns a company in town.  We are both active members at our church and in other ministries.  We are so excited to meet you and your sweet baby! Lifting you up in prayer until then!


With love, Kellie and Joel



A Note From Joel:

And just so you know, your child is gonna have some Saturdays that start with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles before we go put a wiggly worm on a hook and catch fish and have a Fanta Grape and a moonpie for a snack!  The dog is gonna jump in the pond and scare the fish off and we will probably just decide to skip rocks instead.  It’s gonna be awesome!


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