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Welcome to our profile page and a glimpse into our life. We are praying that you have peace and support in whatever choices you make. Your courage and strength are both admirable and evident. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and to tell you more about who we are.  If we are chosen to be on this journey with you, we would be humbled and honored knowing the weight of this decision.

We have both always known that we wanted to grow our family through adoption. We did not know what that was going to look like, but we were trusting God in the process. We have open adoptions with our kids at home, and we love connecting with their birth moms on a regular basis. We see the importance of keeping these relationships healthy and open and how it benefits our kids development and identity.

We hope you have the resources you need and you feel empowered to make the decision that is best for you and your baby.

With love,

Justin and Katie







A little more information about us:

We are Katie and Justin and we love being parents to our two kids at home (3 and 5 years old). Parenting is an adventure that we have both loved being on together.

Katie is 34 years old and works at a university with students who have intellectual disabilities. Her role is part-time and has flexibility so she can work from home for a majority of the day. She is home with the kids 3 days a week and loves being creative with activities the kids enjoy on those days. Katie loves being outside, with family and friends and is always up for an adventure.

Justin is 35 years old and works for a construction company as a Site Supervisor. He is usually home by 4:30pm most days and he loves his work. He is adventurous, gentle, caring and very handy when it comes to helping others with projects. He loves camping, reading, a good cup of coffee, rock climbing, fishing and being outdoors.

We love being outdoors as a family and taking the kids on weekend adventures. As a family we spend a lot of time being active whether that is ice skating and sledding in the winter, or swimming and biking in the summer. We are active in our church community which emphasizes the importance of diversity and is located in an urban setting where our kids have racial mirrors and leaders who look like them. Our church has been an important part of our family.

We know the grief that you are feeling is real and heavy. We are praying for you in this time that you would have peace in whatever decision you make. You are in our prayers and we are encouraged by your strength. We would be honored to be on this journey with you.

-Justin and Katie

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