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Hello Friend,

We are so excited to meet you and feel so honored to share our story with you. We know this isn’t an easy time for you and want you to feel nothing but support and love for the bravery you are showing.

We are Lydia and Kevin and our family lives in Colorado. We have a five-year-old son, Oliver. He is a force of joy! When we hoped to grow our family after Oli was about 2 years old, we faced some of the hardest years of our life. In a span of 3 years we have lost 6 babies during the first trimester, one, a set of twins. While this time was immensely painful, it brought our family closer together. We realize that God had other plans for growing our little unit, and that we can have a beautiful family that doesn’t have to fit a certain mold. We can have our own story… a story we very much hope you will be apart of.

Should you choose to move forward with an adoption plan, we promise to honor however much or little contact you would like to have with your baby. We commit to loving your baby with every part of our souls and to give him/her all the opportunities we possibly can. We also understand that if our baby doesn’t look like us, it is our duty to educate our family on the culture of their ancestry. Where we can’t promise to always do this perfectly, we will promise to never stop trying. It is important to us that your child always knows where he/she came from and is always so proud of who he/she is. We will do everything in our power to create a community of love and acceptance for your baby.

We are praying for you both while you are on this journey of decision making. I hope you feel our encouragement from afar and our arms stretching out to hug you both.



Who are We?

We are Kevin and Lydia, an always laughing couple who are so excited to share our home with a new little baby!  Together with our son, Oliver, we love going to our local church, get-togethers with our neighbors and friends, spending time with our brothers/sisters/nieces/nephews and parents who live in town, exploring the local arts community, trying out new restaurants and food, playing at parks, biking, and lots of singing and dancing at home.

Kevin enjoys writing scripts, playing golf, playing sports with Oliver in the front yard, socializing with friends, looking after the chickens, watching movies, singing in the car, and listening to podcasts and books on audible.


Lydia is the most fun that you’ll ever have.  She juggles life with grace in a way that few can.  She is loving, joy-filled, enthusiastic, inspiring, and the ultimate magnet that brings neighbors, friends, and family together with ease.  She loves singing, seeing plays, watching cooking shows, cooking dinner for friends and family, planning events for our neighbors to get together and making people laugh.

What do we Look Like?

Kevin is a 34-year-old Caucasian male who is 5’11” with hazel eyes.  Lydia is a 34-year-old Caucasian woman who is 5’9”  has blue eyes and loads of blonde hair.


What are our Occupations?

Kevin works for a local tech company as an Enablement Manager.  What does that mean?  It’s just a fancy way of saying he gets to help and coach people to be their best.  He loves that he gets to train internally and externally to make sure that every paying customer gets the best experience possible.

Lydia started her own staging and design company.  With nothing but a small loan, she took a company from nothing to a sustaining business. She designs model homes, helps get home owners spaces ready to be sold, and works directly with clients to help them realize that their existing homes can be their dream homes. Because Lydia can work from home and now has staff to run the business, she can take as much time at home for a new baby as she needs.


Where do we Live?

We live in beautiful Colorado in a Victorian Style home just outside of our ever-growing downtown city.  It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, wonderful charm, a wrap-around front yard, and a spacious back patio.  Our little homestead has 2 dogs, 6 chickens and a fish named gecko. Our garden beds full of veggies fill our side yard and we love cooking what we grow.  Our favorite place to sit is on our rocking chairs on our covered front porch.  We watch our son and his friends play in the yard, say hi to neighbors/friends walking their dogs, and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains.  We are only a few blocks from a liberal arts college that gives us space for a lot of wonderful family bike rides close to home.  We love the mixture of being in a city, close to downtown, but also a short drive from hiking trails in the mountains with no one in sight.

Why Adopt?

We had always seen adoption in our future, we just didn’t know when. The road that lead us to adoption was definitely not one we saw coming. We have gone through 5 miscarriages over the last 3 years and lost 6 babies (1 miscarriage being twins).  We always knew that we wanted to grow our family and through a lot of prayer, thought and conversation we realized that it didn’t matter to us that our baby came from our bodies. We in no way think that adoption is a backup option. We think it’s a calling and we know its Gods plan for our family. We may not know when or how but we do know this; we will fight for, laugh with, cry with, teach, listen to, grow with, learn from, and love on this baby harder than any parent ever could. We are so excited!


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