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Hi there,

Take a deep breath with us and slowly let it out.

This page is filled with little glimpses into our life. We hope it will help you get to know more about us. Feel free to reach out with questions.

We are honored and thankful to have you read our letter. We are praying for you and your baby. We respect your brave heart and hope peace from God surrounds you with a big hug as you make this loving but hard choice for your child.






Our story…

Lino and Sally met while salsa dancing, married in 2011 and twirled right into the reception. We would joyfully welcome a child with Hispanic heritage! Both families joined us at the wedding. Lino has 3 sisters and 5 brothers. Sally has two sisters and 2 brothers. Combined, we have 19 nieces and nephews excited for a new baby cousin. We enjoy board games with nieces and nephews.

Sally and Lino love road trips to the beach, mountains, or to see family out west with cows, goats, chickens, and rabbits. We enjoyed a cross country road trip for our honeymoon. Sally often takes her students to perform at theme parks and has been to Rwanda twice on a church mission trip.

Lino works for himself in construction and can build anything imagined. Lino loves action movies, especially sci-fi. He dreams of playing soccer with the child God brings. Sally is a music teacher and plays in an orchestra as a professional musician. She loves exercise and nutrition so we have a vegetable garden, fruit trees, and herbs for cooking. Sally dreams of helping a child develop their talents, musical or otherwise.

We have two dogs: Lobo and Luna; one cat, Spot; and a family of chickens. We enjoy our quiet neighborhood. Together, in the morning, we workout while coffee brews. Our small, diverse community is alive with arts and culture. It has excellent schools and places to explore creative, athletic, and outdoor activities. We attend church weekly and Sally participates in the choir and music team.

Lino often helps his family with construction or home remodeling. We visit his mother and extended family very often in the next town over. She makes us traditional dishes from El Salvador like pupusas or tamales.

Our History, Plan and Promise

We have been married for 9 years and hoping for children the last seven. Some heartbreaking years of dashed medical hopes were very difficult. Our hearts are open and ready to love a child and help them walk with God. When we are blessed with a child, Sally will take off work for at least six weeks to snuggle and care for the baby. We are willing to meet with you, and it will bring us joy to share photos and updates. Life is such a precious gift, and your baby will be respected and treasured in our family. We will pray for God’s wisdom now and in the future. Our child will know you in their heart and life as their first momma.


Lino and Sally

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