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Dear Birthmother,

You have been in our thoughts and prayers since we started even thinking about adoption. We are so grateful for you and your courageous decision to honor your child with life. This decision will be something we share with your child as we talk about you–the incredible woman who made a difficult choice for the sake of her great love for her child. We know you are making choices with a mother’s heart, and we respect you for selflessness which is one of the most incredible traits of a great mother.

We cannot promise that we are going to be perfect parents. We do promise to love your child unconditionally. We will talk with your child about you and explain your amazing love and commitment to life. We will share our home, our lives, our families, our adventures and likely a lot of muddy messes with your child, but most importantly we promise to share with your child the love of Jesus. We hope and pray you will know that love now and always.












About Melinda by Lucas: Melinda is selfless, creative, and beautiful inside and out. She has a strength that comes from her love for God, and she shares her love and strength with her family, friends, and especially me. She loves to read and scrapbook, but is always willing to join me for the next crazy adventure. Whenever she can she loves to bake and is a pretty decent cook (even if I am biased). Her nieces and nephews would say she is the fun aunt because she is always willing to join in their play. I know she will be a great mom because she has so much selfless love to give and is already such a beautiful example of Christ to those around her.

About Lucas by Melinda: Lucas is the one God knew I needed in my life. He is good at math and a better multi-tasker than me. He has a steady, solid faith in God and patiently lives a life that reminds me of God’s love for his children. Life with Lucas is life in motion. He is definitely not up to date on any of the latest movies or shows, but can tell you what critters have been walking around our backyard by checking the pawprints. He is always ready to go outdoors to hike, camp, hunt or fish. Among our many nieces and nephews, he is typically ranking as a top favorite. I know he will be a wonderful dad because of his patience, his ability to teach skills and share knowledge and because of his endless energy.


We live and work in a rural area with mountains and ocean nearby. Lucas works in agriculture helping farmers with field work and supplies. Melinda is a nurse for a family practice clinic. We count our jobs as blessings that allow us to do what we enjoy and also have time off for relaxing and adventures.  All our immediate family is close so cousins will be a big part of life here as well lots of aunts and uncles (Lucas has 11 siblings). Both families are actively involved with farming and so tractor rides and caring for animals will naturally be part of any child’s life here. We look forward to encouraging a child to explore the wonder of God’s creation in the beauty of nature surrounding us as we adventure out on camping and hunting expeditions.


Adoption was discussed as a likely means of growing our family before we even married. God has been working on us and showing us clearly that he has a good and wonderful plan for us and a precious child. Recently our niece, who was adopted, has stated that she would like to have a cousin from Georgia with beautiful skin like hers. We have seen an enthusiastic response from our family, church and friends towards supporting adoption. We have friends from so many different backgrounds and cultures, so we know that any child will feel welcomed, included and loved here.

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