Dear Mama,

We write to you with great love and admiration for choosing life and this path for your unborn baby.  We cannot claim to know the struggles and difficulty that you may be feeling at this time.  But we feel so much respect for the courageous love you have chosen to show for your baby.

It is such an honor to be considered as the family that might continue to give life and love to your baby.  We approach all things in our life with the prayer and attitude that “all things work for good for those who love the Lord.” Romans 8.   We know God will bring good for both you and us – if we can but trust in his plan.  This includes our prayers for you and your little one, and prayers for us and our difficulty to have children. We know that good will come in this circumstance and we look forward to the blessings and grace he will bestow!

It is our hope to grow our family and treat your child with as much love and affection as you would, and as we do our other children.  After having much difficulty having children, we began to pray and look for the ways that we could welcome more children into our home.  We were inspired and blessed the readings from scripture about how we are all God’s adopted children.   We knew then – that the journey and gift of adoption – was his plan for our family and so we welcomed our baby girl Anna.  Rest assured that your child will be cherished and adored by everyone in our family.

Please know that our family is praying for you daily and for peace and comfort as you discern the most important decision of your life.  You are loved by God and by us!


Matt & Michelle





A little about us:

We were both single and working into our 30’s.  Both of us felt a strong call to marriage but were not meeting the right person.  So, while living in very far away states, we met on a Christian website.  We knew upon meeting, that this was going to be something good!  So, Matt moved near Michelle to date and the rest is history.  We have been married now for 10 years.  Soon after we were married, we moved to Matt’s hometown to live and work and begin our family.  We recently bought a historic  home in a small rural town in the mid-west.

Matt works as an editor for magazines and Michelle in a church/education setting helping others to learn the faith.  Matt is a reserved but fun-loving guy who is deeply committed to his faith and his family. He is an excellent father and loves to spend time with his kids. He loves outdoor activities, sports, travelling, gardening and cooking.  Michelle is outgoing, talkative and passionate.  She is fiercely committed to her family and those whom she loves.  She is a teacher by nature and loves to do new things with the kids.  She loves to exercise, teach others about health and nutrition,  garden, travel, spend time near water and do house renovations!

Our kids…

Things have not always been perfect for us- we have struggled to have children (difficulty getting pregnant) and have lost several to miscarriage.  But in all the loss and infertility, we have miraculously been blessed with two biological boys -Luke and Joshua as well as one daughter through adoption -Annalise.

Luke is our oldest son. He is 8 years old and attends a small rural Catholic school. He is a great kid who loves to learn and has a ton of hobbies.  Luke is funny and passionate about organization. He is taking piano lessons and recently learned to play tennis.  He loves animals, crafts, any kind of sports, cooking with mom and travelling. He is a great big brother!

Joshua is a miracle child.  He is 5 years old and arrived after having several miscarriages.  He is a fun loving guy who laughs all the time!  He loves his family and spends most of his day playing musical instruments, singing and dressing up. He is creative and amazes us with his building creations.   His best friend is his little sister!

Annalise is our first child to come to us through adoption. We began our discernment of adoption even before Joshua was born. We always dreamed of a full house but knew our family would have to grow in other ways.  When we met Annalise at 7 days old- it was love at first sight.  Anna, as she refers to herself, was born early at 30 weeks.  She and Michelle spent 4 weeks in the NICU while Anna grew and gained weight.  She is 3 years old now and a superstar! She loves all things pink, elephants, and loves to dance and sing. Anna brings so much joy to our home. She is very outgoing and loves to be with people. She is ecstatic to start 3k this year and have a new baby in our home!

We also have a “kid with fur” as they say.  Cooper is our 2 year-old pug who is full of energy and super sweet and loving. He loves to be amidst the family especially in the backyard playing.  He thinks he is one of the kids!


Our Faith…

Faith is an integral part of our life. We are Catholic Christians – who try our best to be faithful to Christ and his teachings. We think it is important to go to Church on Sunday, pray as a family and send our kids to Catholic School.  We volunteer often in our parish and Catholic School.


What we do for fun…

As a family, we love to be together and have fun.  Because we did not marry until our 30’s we have cultivated an attitude of celebrating our life!  We try to celebrate often and try new things together.  Some things we like to do together include:  travel to new places; camping, boating and beach trips in the summer; gardening and cooking; working on the house together; and spending time with family and friends as often as possible.  We want to instill in our children that we are blessed and every moment of life is a gift!


Extended Family…

We are very close with our extended families-Matt’s is close by (we see them weekly) and we visit often with Michelle’s who are out of state (we are on the go a few times a year).  We also have developed a beautiful faith community with friends and families that we share our beliefs and life with. We get together with our community monthly and for social occasions.  Our hope is to share our love and joy for family with more children.

Finally, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our letter to you and about our family.  We will continue to keep you in prayer.  From our family to yours, may the peace of Christ be with you in this time

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