Dear Momma,

           We don’t know you, and we don’t know what you are going through. What we do know, is that you are worthy of love and respect. It is our hope that you will give our family the opportunity to know and be a part of you and your child’s story. God made a wonderful thing when He made people. While the future is rarely ever clear we should not have to fear it; because God loves His people. He will always make a way for us. Our family believes that He is making a way for you and your child too. If you will allow us, we would like to be a part of Gods plan for you and your childs future.


Our Story


We met in the beginning of 2010 and I knew after our first date he was the one I wanted to marry. We first met at a Karaoke Grill. He asked for my number and the very next day we went on our first date. Our first date was at a Japanese restaurant. He deployed during the time we were dating and when he returned he knew I was the one. He had already met my family early and so shortly after getting back from a deployment I met his family and while we hiked one afternoon he gave me a promise ring. We married at the end of 2011.  


Mathew’s personality is caring and fun loving. He loves spending time with his family and being outdoors. Michelle is more of a home person. She does like being with family and friends as much as possible. We are a Christian family. My husband is the youth Pastor and I am a large group leader for the girls.


Kayli is 6 years old and Daniel is almost 4. They are typical siblings, as a whole though they are really sweet to one another and love playing together.


Michelle has her Bachelor’s Degree in Education Science and is a substitute K-6 teacher. Mathew has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Theology. He is a Senior Systems Engineer which means he works on computers. He also is the youth Pastor. We live about thirty minutes away from town. It is quiet where we live.

We are at the stage of our life where if we want to expand our family, which is what we want to do, we have to look at alternative ways to do so. My husband has always wanted to adopt since he was young. Every pregnancy I have had has been difficult on my body physically. Adopting has been on my mind since my last pregnancy. When my son was born I had health issues which required me to undergo special care. The treatment I received cured me and I am fine now. We are excited about expanding our family.


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