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Thank you for viewing our book about our family and considering us for the adoption of your child.  We truly cannot imagine how difficult a decision this must be.  Your courage and wisdom are beyond measure.  We know that God will honor your decision to have chosen life and the best life possible for your baby.  We would be honored if you choose our family to raise your child.


We will always speak with admiration of the love and sacrifice you have made for your child.

We will pray for you and your decision to choose adoption.  We believe with all our hearts that it

will be divine intervention that our paths meet on this journey.  We welcome the opportunity to

meet you in person and discuss the best adoption plan for your baby.





Mike, Sherri, & Anthony



Who Are We?


Mike is Italian and Irish nationality.  Sherri is Scottish, German, and Transylvanian.  Mike is laid-back and fun-loving.  Sherri is caring and keeps our family organized.  We are Christian and very family-oriented.


What Do We Look Like?


Mike is 5’9″, 180 lbs., medium build, olive complexion, and dark hair.  Sherri is 5’8″, 175 lbs., medium build, and very fair complexion with strawberry-blonde hair.  Anthony is a 10 year old boy about 70 lbs. with tons of energy!


What Are Our Occupations and Interests?


Mike has a four-year degree and is a Network Engineer.  Sherri has a Master’s degree and is a Certified Estate and Retirement Planner.  Sherri works with her family’s business on a part-time basis.  Both of us have a great deal of flexibility with our work schedules, which will allow us to ensure one of us will be available for childcare at all times.  Sherri’s mother also lives close by, which allows her to help out whenever needed.


Where Do We Live?


We live in a small town in the northeast area of the country.  It is a very quiet, and safe area and great place to raise a family.  Our son goes to a private Christian school.


Why adopt?


Sherri suffered two miscarriages, one in the fifth month of pregnancy.  During the pregnancy with our son, she had preeclampsia, which made it a very difficult pregnancy.  After a great deal of thought and prayer, we realized God wanted us to expand our family through adoption.

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