Race: ,



OCCUPATION:  Medical Doctor



ETHNICITY:        Filipino

RELIGION:          Catholic

INTERESTS:        Faith, shooting hoops, the Cubs, playing catch, Chicago, travel, ice cream,

aquariums, dogs, Notre Dame football, sculpting, art museums, the Philippines





OCCUPATION:   Stay-at-Home Mom

Former Catholic College Minister

EDUCATION:      B.A., M.A., Theology

ETHNICITY:         Mostly Irish

RELIGION:           Catholic

INTERESTS:         Faith, reading, cooking, travel, throwing parties, Rome, learning, coffee with

friends, the outdoors, birds, mentoring, teaching, organizing, hiking



MARRIAGE: We met in 2011 and got married in 2013. It’s such a blessing to have someone to share life with!


ADOPTION:  Adoption is an important part of Catherine’s family.  Her oldest sister was adopted, and two of her sisters have adopted children.  We’re happy that our children will have four cousins who can relate to the adoption experience.  Adoption seemed very natural for us.


OUR GIRLS: We were overjoyed to adopt Liana Rose in 2015.  Her birth mother gave her the name “Liana” which means “God answers.”  God truly answered our prayers in this precious child.   We adopted Miriam Joy in 2018.  Before she came, our hearts were so full…who could have imagined how much bigger our hearts became after receiving another child into our home!  Her birth mother gave her the middle name “Joy” and she is exactly that.


OUR HOME: Our neighborhood is full of flowers, trees, parks, dogs, front porches & LOTS of kids. Neighbors walk up and down our street in the evenings, chatting with everyone and letting the kids get their last bit of play in before bedtime.  We love it here because the people are down to earth, supportive and diverse.


OUR DAILY LIFE: Ron is off to work in the mornings while Catherine gets the girls ready for the day.  We walk up to our neighborhood school (which has a national reputation among Catholic schools) to drop Liana off for a half day of preschool.


We go on lots of walks, visit with other families, have kids over for play dates, and walk in the woods near our house looking for deer.   We love to be out in nature.  The girls also love music and dancing.  At night, we eat dinner together, have family prayer and reading time.


FAITH:  We are both Catholic and love our faith.  One of our favorite things at Church is being part of a group of couples that meets once a month to learn how to keep our marriages strong.


FRIENDS & FAMILY:  We are blessed to have generous and loving friends.  Our children have 32 first cousins across the country, so we travel quite a bit.  Four of Catherine’s sisters live in the area with their families, so we have lots of family gatherings, lots of support and a whole lot of love!



Dear Birth Parents,


Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.  It must be strange to read through these profiles as you try to find the very best family for the baby you love.  If we are the right fit for you, we promise to love, accept and support your child with all our hearts. Whatever choices you make, we wish you true and lasting happiness as you move forward.  We are keeping each birth parent who reads this book in our thoughts and prayers….and of course your little one too!



Catherine & Ron

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