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Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We hope you’ll be able to get to know us a bit through these words and pictures.


We wish we could sit down and meet you in person and get to know you. Given that you’re reading this, and considering us as possible parents, we think we do know at least some things about you: you care about your child deeply and want to provide the best home you possible can for him or her. We think that takes a lot of courage and humility.


Our journey towards building our family has been a long path filled with both heartache and hope. During these past five years God’s taught us to trust in His timing and purpose. He’s enabled us to be content in our circumstances. Even while our hearts ache from losing our first child five years ago and experiencing infertility, they beat strongly now for the son we have and the child we hope to soon adopt.


We can only imagine the sacrifice and selflessness required to consider adoption, and cannot tell you how brave and courageous we think you are for choosing this path for your child. Whichever baby we adopt, we know we will tell them of his/her birth parents with such gratitude and grace. We’ve been praying for this child and their birth parents for years now, and that will not stop. While we don’t know who the little baby is that we’ll adopt, we love that baby already.


Thank you for taking the time to consider us. We are so privileged and humbled that you’d give us thought.



We are Scott and Niccole, a fun-loving, Christian couple who can’t wait to grow our family even more! We love sharing our life with each other and the friends and family around us. Some of our favorite things are: movies, the NBA, visiting big cities, and sharing meals with the people we love. Scott is funny, an avid sports fan, patient, and steady. Niccole is excitable, musical, relational, and welcoming. Scott is a 29yo Caucasian American. He’s 5’10” and 150lbs, with light skin, brown hair, blue eyes, and a beard. Niccole is a 29yo Mexican-American. She is 5’4” and 115lbs, with olive skin, brown hair, green eyes, and no beard 🙂


Scott studied art in college and developed a passion for design and now works as a graphic designer. Niccole studied math in college but has always had a passion for the church and music. She works as the worship director for our church.


Our home sits in a quiet neighborhood across from a beautiful park. We love to take walks as a family and can’t wait to bring baby with us! Diverse people, food, and cultures matter a lot to us, so we love the convenience of being close to downtown in our mid-sized city.


We believe adoption is a beautiful picture of how much God loves us. We can’t wait to communicate God’s love to our child through the story of his or her adoption into our family, as well as into God’s. We are thrilled to add another child to our family through adoption and cannot wait for our family to grow in this beautiful way. Love is more than genetics and shared physical features; it is sacrifice, care, provision, and family. We cannot wait to sacrifice for, provide for, be a family to, and love this precious, beautiful child.

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