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Hello Beautiful & Brave Mom,


First, we would like to thank you for being the brave, loving and unselfish woman that you are to want the best for your unborn child. We have pondered what to say and wrote out many thoughts, but we figured that would just write you from the heart. I cannot imagine what you are mentally and emotionally going through. However, we do not judge you and these are not just words because we know that we would be a great family to your child but because in life we often must make tough choices that sometimes we do not understand. Our goal to raise this beautiful child in a loving home where they are taught morals, values, and the love of God. We are far from perfect, but we know that we will be perfect for this beautiful blessing that you are carrying right now. We pray that God keep and protect you through this journey and may your future and life be filled with blessings and peace                                                                                                   knowing that your child is loved.








We have a beautiful 7-bedroom 6-bathroom home filled with a basement full of family fun and entertainment. We have 3 beautiful children 20, 16 & 13 years old.  We met 6 years ago and have been married almost 3 years. Our goal to have a child together has not been successful. With many fertility failures we made a choice to move forward with adopting. Adoption was something that we discussed before getting married because we both have amazing family members that have been adopted. We are super excited to have this opportunity to raise and love another beautiful child. Rosie is a self-employed Senior Recruiter and Troy is a Logistics Coordinator. Our life consists of church, family time, picnics, cookout and lots of traveling in which we would love to include your unborn child too. Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. Our prayer is that you will allow God to lead and guide you in selecting the right parents for your beautiful unborn child.

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