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Dear friend,


Thank you so much for considering us to be your baby’s mommy, daddy and family. Thank you for choosing life for your baby. You are giving them the best gift anyone can give them.


Pregnancy is not easy, and we can’t begin to imagine the weight that comes with deciding to give your child to another family. We are praying every day that you feel strong and healthy as you go through your pregnancy and become acquainted with your baby growing inside of you. We are praying for you as you look for the perfect family for your baby, and that you would be filled with great peace and comfort when you decide who that family will be.


If you decide we are the right family for your sweet baby, we are more than excited to welcome them into our family and love them forever. We plan to tell them about you and that you loved them and cared for them so much that you chose life for them.


Again, thank you for considering us to be your sweet baby’s family. We are so thankful to you and your decision to give your child the best life possible. Please know that we will continue to pray for you and your baby every day.



Will and Amy





Our relationship began 9 years ago, when we met at a mutual friend’s wedding. Will was the best man, Amy was the personal attendant. We both agree it was love at first sight. We lived half way across the country from each other, so Will flew back and forth for 9 months until we got married. We now have two sweet, spunky, small boys who we love spending our days with. Will works in business development at a major corporation, and Amy stays at home full-time with our kids. We enjoy playing board games, having Friday night family pizza and movie nights, making big Saturday morning pancake breakfasts (complete with whipped cream and sprinkles!), going for scooter walks around the neighborhood, swimming in our neighborhood pool, taking our kids hiking and exploring nature, and hanging out in our backyard with family and friends. We are very involved in our church where we teach a preschool Sunday school class and host a weekly family bible study in our home. Traveling is one of our passions, and we have been so blessed to explore many countries together and many parts of the United States with our kids. We are so excited to travel the world with our kids as they grow!


About Will: Will is energetic, outgoing, caring, and kind. He enjoys running, skiing, photography, traveling and aviation. Our kids are his world, and he loves spending time with them. He is always taking pictures of our family and the places we are exploring. He recently gave our oldest son a camera and is enjoying sharing his photography hobby with him. He is also very excited to teach or kids to ski!


About Amy: Amy is sweet, tender-hearted, thoughtful and helpful. She loves to cook, bake, garden, and spend family time together. She spends her days pouring her life into our kids. Some of her favorite things to do with them are arts and crafts, baking cookies, making play-dough creations, snuggling on the couch and reading to them, building forts in the living room, playing hide-and-seek, taking them to the zoo, aquarium, children’s museum, parks, soccer practice and swim lessons.




We live in a two-story home on a fourth of an acre. Our home has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large kitchen and living room, dining room, front sitting room, garage and finished-off basement. We have a fenced backyard with a spacious deck, sandbox, and ample space to set up soccer nets, sprinklers, or kid’s pools. Our neighborhood has multiple community pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, a playground, and two clubhouses. We love where we live and the family environment of our neighborhood. We live in a suburban setting with easy access to major cities.



We have wanted to grow our family and open our lives to children through adoption since before we were married. We both have cousins who were adopted, and our church families have always been full of children who were adopted. While we are able to have children biologically, our excitement and desire to adopt is set so strongly on our hearts that we have decided to proceed with growing our family further in this way. It is our hearts’ desire to welcome a child into our family through adoption and pour our lives into them, love them, and care for them deeply and unconditionally for the rest of their lives. We feel we can provide a loving, stable home to a child with a mommy and a daddy who adore them, two brothers who can’t wait to play with them, and an extended family who are beyond excited to be a part of their lives.

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