Destined Before the Foundation of the World


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Children are a gift from the Lord; They are a reward from him. – Psalm 127:3

Adoption has become an integral part of one special family’s identity. In 2012, Caleb and Lauren embarked on a journey that would change their family forever. While their local business was experiencing exponential success, the couple had a longing that was unfulfilled. This would represent the first of a few symbolic empty seats at the table.

At the age of seventeen, Caleb was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in his hip. Infertility was the unfortunate side effect of his treatment. In their eighth year of marriage, the desire to have and raise children had reached a fever pitch. Caleb and Lauren had come to grips with the concept of growing their family through the miracle of adoption, so they decided to contact An Open Door Adoption Agency.

Their first adoption resulted in the birth of their son David in the Spring of 2013. It was a whirlwind from beginning to end and, as it goes with any parenting journey. Their adoption process was full of questions and uncertainties and plenty of opportunities to trust God’s sovereign hand was at work. Throughout the process, they remember the steady and calming presence of the staff at An Open Door Adoption Agency. Lauren reminisces, saying, “They were truly walking through it with us. They offered to pray with us; they were truly available.”

Overjoyed with their son, it wasn’t too long before they looked around their table and felt the urging of the Holy Spirit that there might be another baby out there who was divinely appointed by God to be their son or daughter. When David was about sixteen months old, they called the adoption agency once more. They figured the process would take at least a year, as it had with David. That meant if they started now, they would most likely bring their second child home in another year or so. But God had other plans.

Jane Gilbert, the Direct of Domestic Adoptions at that time, called them only a week after they initiated the process. She asked if they might be open to adopting a baby girl, whose skin would be the same color as their son David’s, who was biracial. This connection was important for the birthmother, and when she made the request, Jane immediately thought of Caleb and Lauren. The catch? The baby was due very soon. Again, they decided to wholeheartedly trust the Lord. After much prayer, they were able to meet their future daughter’s birthmother. Soon after, Abigail was born, destined to be part of their family before the beginning of time.

Over the past several years, Caleb and Lauren have developed a deeper relationship with the Lord and have seen how adoption can serve as a reminder to their children of God’s overarching plan for humanity. They may have different colored skin from their parents, but ultimately, David and Abigail are children of God first and foremost.

“I’m always telling them,” Lauren says, “Who’s your first daddy? Daddy God. He knew you before anyone else!” Caleb echoes his wife stating, “God is the one who orchestrated our family, and understanding this has been such an anchor to our faith, especially when we go through deep waters. One may think we are left to chance… But, before the foundation of the world, God wrote our story in His book, for us to be a family.”

Now, a full decade later, Caleb and Lauren have found themselves leaning into another adoption story. Each one expressed a desire for a third child in the Spring of 2022, and very soon after, the Lord began to deliver confirmation after confirmation that he desired them to adopt again. Now, they are awaiting their third blessing, and are excited to see how God will uniquely engraft one of His precious sons or daughters into their family.

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