Finding Support in Adoption


Being an expecting mother and making a plan of adoption is physically, mentally, and (most of all) emotionally challenging. Finding support in adoption is not only smart but essential to be lifted and encourageed throughout your process. Unsure where to find that support? Here are a few places to start your search.

Support Groups

Remember this important fact: you are not alone! There are hundreds of expecting mothers going through what you are. They are each at different parts of the process and each with circumstances you can probably relate to. Find support groups of expecting mothers and birthmothers who have already placed children for adoption. These support groups are going to be where you can empathize and feel empathy from other women who understand how you feel. There is a sense of trust, loyalty, and community found in support groups that is difficult to find elsewhere. You’ll likely find a sense of safety and comfort that is extremely valuable to you as you maneuver the emotions and concerns of being a birthmother. Whether you join this group via an online forum or a local group, this format of support system is one worth the effort to participate in.


When you go through your adoption journey with an agency like An Open Door Adoption, you have access to our Georgia Counselors and resources. We can also help connect you with other counselors and therapists if needed. A big part of “support” is simply a reliable, kind, trustworthy listening ear who can reassure and validate your feelings and concerns, whatever those may be. Trained professionals like counselors and therapists offer not only sincere, listening care, but can also suggest legitimate coping strategies and practices that will help you feel confident in every step.

Adopting Families

Finally, consider communicating with adopting families as a source of support! Building relationships with these families can become a motivation to you. Don’t shy away from families who have adopted children. Hearing about their experience with adopting, the joy they have felt because of their family, and the importance of women like you who make all that possible, is an incredible means of support that you can access.

You can also read the stories of other adopting families and birthmothers on Open Door Adoption’s blogs. These may be beneficial for you to get more helpful insight into how to make finding the support in adoption process (and all the struggle that goes with it) a smoother, more encouraging process to you. Get the support you need during this time where you deserve the utmost quality of care and kindness.

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