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Adoption can seem costly, but there are many resources available.

An Open Door Adoption : Financial Planning

Adoption Costs

HOW MUCH DOES ADOPTION COST? Every adoption is different. Call our office for information about the amount and timing of adoption fees.

An Open Door is proud to partner with Adoption Finance Coach.  Their services are free to families working with our agency to complete an adoption and they are an invaluable resource for families navigating the financial aspect of an adoption.

Please contact an Open Door representative prior to completing your application to go over eligibility requirements and also to gather additional information and fees about your country program.

WHAT DETERMINES THE COST OF ADOPTION? There are many steps necessary to ensure that the child’s safety is foremost, and that the rights of child, birth parents and families are respected. Adoption costs include financial and social help for birth mothers, training for families, home studies, translation, finalization and travel. Every adoption is different and has its own unique challenges.

Affording Adoption is Possible

Whether it’s an interest-free loan, a scholarship or fundraiser, there are many ways you can make your adoption possible.


An Open Door Adoption Agency is committed to helping answer all of your adoption money questions through our innovative service, The Adoption Finance Coaching System



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