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Jane Gilbert Director of Domestic Adoptions An Open HeartAdopting An Infant

No joy can quite match the wonder of holding your new infant for the first time. At An Open Door, we’ve been privileged to make that moment possible for over 1,400 couples who have adopted infants. 

An Open Door helps birth mothers choose the best families for their children. We accept a limited  number of couples into our program, which means that the wait times are shorter. Usually couples are matched to a baby in less than a year, while other agencies may take two to five years. 

Like any kind of parenting, adopting an infant takes a special kind of dedication. In the US, it is common for 1/3 of couples to experience at least one revocation where a birth mother changes her mind within the 4-day period after placement. However, through perseverance, couples are ultimately matched with the child they are meant to have. I have seen first-hand the joy that moment brings when parents finally meet the children they have dreamed of. What a wonderful journey! 

With joy,
Jane Gilbert,
Director of Domestic Adoptions

Our Family is Complete.  Thank You, An Open Door!

Young Happy Family

An Open Door helped us to complete our family.
We are so thankful that God used this Agency to bring our child to us.
– Chad and Grace

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An Open Door Couple Adoption Eligibility

An Open Door accepts a limited number of couples into its program, so that the wait times are between 6 months to a year for placement. You are eligible to apply if:


  • The couple has been married for at least 3 years prior to adopting

  • The couple is of the Christian faith 

  • Both spouses are between the ages of 25 and 45