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An Open Door Adoption Agency has been serving women, children, and families all over the world since 1987.


Throughout my pregnancy I was able to contact my adoption counselor at any time of day, for absolutely anything I could imagine. The agency was, to me, like the father figure for the baby and my whole family up until I chose and met the adoptive couple. The bottom line is I completely and utterly am grateful for you all and will NEVER forget this great experience or any and all of the wonderful people I’ve come in contact with over the past nine months.


Placing a Child


Adopting a child internationally is possible. When we reached our country of choice, we really had a chance to see why the agency that you choose matters!
Throughout the 2 weeks we were there, we were complimented several times on our paperwork organization (done and sent to us by the agency) and watched as several families panicked and scrambled for things that their agency had forgotten to tell them that they would need. We were SO thankful that God had led us to An Open Door.

David & Candace
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Our 3rd child, Ella, an African American infant, joined our family through An Open Door, and we could not imagine having a better experience. While we were fortunate to have had great experiences with the agencies we worked with in the previous adoptions, our relationship with An Open Door was truly exceptional! We believe that our faith not only being accepted, but actually required, opened our hearts even more to the amazing Grace that guided, and continues to nurture, the creation of our family.

Will & Renee

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