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A Heart for Orphans

Since our beginning, An Open Door has felt a strong call to provide orphan children with loving, Christian homes.

There are more than 153 million children in the world who have lost at least one parent, and there are 8 million children living in orphanages — not counting those also living on the streets or trafficked as slaves. Every year, there are also thousands of birth parents who face the incredibly hard decision to place their child with the best family possible. What a humbling privilege it is to be there for these children and families.

Since 1987, An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc. has placed over 2,300 children. These include 1,400+ children from the state of Georgia and 900+ international orphans. Each of these precious lives represents many more people touched by adoption — from the birth parents to the adoptive couple to the children themselves. What a great privilege it is to be there for them to complete their desire for a family.

In His Service,

Walter Gilbert

An Open Door Mission Statement

The mission of An Open Door Adoption Agency is to preserve and enhance human life through placement of domestic and international children into loving Christian adoptive families.

The counseling and placement services of the ministry shall reflect the Love of God through promoting adoption as a primary alternative for unplanned pregnancies; providing support and assistance to domestic birth parents choosing this alternative; facilitating adoptions of foreign orphan children; meeting the humanitarian needs of foreign orphaned children; leading children to our Lord Jesus Christ through their placement in Christian families.*


*An Open Door works with Christian families, but does not work with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

An Open Door Family


Jane Gilbert Director of Domestic Adoptions An Open Heart

At An Open Door, our heart is to serve orphans and to serve you in your adoption journey.

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History of An Open Door

An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc. began in 1987, when two local doctors’ wives responded to God’s call to care for birth mothers and orphans. Since that time, the Agency has provided over 2,100 adoptions, which have united children with loving Christian families.




Walter and Jane Gilbert, CEO and Director of Domestic Adoptions
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