Preserving and enhancing human life through placement of domestic, international and foster children into loving Christian adoptive families.

An Open Door Adoption:
Mission & History

An Open Door Adoption Agency is licensed to facilitate both domestic and international adoptions. Since our founding in 1987, An Open Door has placed close to two thousand children with loving Christian families. We are committed to assisting women through the journey of unplanned pregnancy, meeting the humanitarian needs of orphan children, and bringing children home to the families who have been praying for them.

About an Open Door Adoption Agency

Learning more about An Open Door Adoption Agency is to learn about our mission. Our mission is, and has always been, to preserve and enhance human life through placement of domestic and international children into loving, Christian adoptive families.

The agency has been serving women, children, and families all over the world since 1987.

Domestic Adoptions

Our local Georgia Adoption Consultants are available 24/7 through every step of an expectant mother’s pregnancy. All services are completely free and always confidential. They care for each mother from the moment they call us until the
post-partum plan of care has been completed. They spend time with each expectant mother, counseling them on all of their different options. Each expectant mother has a specific, local adoption consultant that they have available to them.

The consultant assists them in finding different resources from medical insurance to grief counseling. They also work with the expectant mothers to help resolve financial dilemmas they may have due to a loss of work during their pregnancy. We’ve assisted many mothers in finding permanent housing and other basic living needs including, but not limited to, groceries, utilities, etc.

The same consultants that work with our expectant mothers also work extensively with the adoptive parents.

We pride ourselves on not just taking care of our expectant mothers, but also putting time and effort into being there for our adoptive families throughout every step of the process. Their consultant assists them throughout the time of placement and helps to facilitate open communication and meetings with the birth mother.


Internationally, there are 153 million children in the world who have lost one or more parents, while some 8 million children live in institutions. Our International Adoption Consultants are here to work with our adoptive parents throughout every step of their adoption journey. International adoption isn’t always easy. But it is always rewarding.

Our International Team is here to make the process easier, even if that just means you need someone to talk to, or someone to pray with you. The counseling and placement services of the ministry shall always reflect the Love of God through promoting adoption as a primary alternative for unplanned pregnancies; providing support and assistance to domestic birth parents choosing this alternative; facilitating adoptions of foreign orphan children; meeting the humanitarian needs of foreign orphaned children; leading children to our Lord Jesus Christ through their placement in Christian families.*

*An Open Door works with Christian families, but does not work with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or Jehovah’s Witnesses

Our Mission Statement

The mission of An Open Door Adoption Agency is to preserve and enhance human life through placement of domestic, international and foster children into loving Christian adoptive families.

The counseling and placement services of the ministry shall reflect the Love of God through: promoting adoption as a primary alternative for unplanned pregnancies; providing support and assistance to domestic birth parents choosing this alternative; providing support and assistance to adoptive parents by training, counseling, and guiding them before and after placement; facilitating adoptions of domestic infants, toddlers, foreign orphans and foster children; meeting the humanitarian needs of foreign orphaned children; leading children to our Lord Jesus Christ through their placement in Christian families.

An Open Door Adoption : About

Our Staff

At An Open Door, our heart is to serve orphans and to serve you in your adoption journey.


Chief Executive Officer

Dawn began working with the agency as the Director of Domestic Adoptions in April of 2022. Dawn has been married for 33 years and has four children, two by birth and two by adoption. She has four amazing grand-babies and another on the way! Dawn’s husband is retired military and both her and her husband are mental health therapists. Dawn’s specific area of expertise is post-adoption and trauma therapy in children and families. She looks forward to seeing where God is leading and working with An Open Door in this capacity!

An Open Door
Domestic Adoption Program Staff

An Open Door
International Program Staff

Cathy Sawyer

Director Of International Operations ; International Adoption Consultant, El Salvador, Lithuania And Mexico

Cathy holds a BBA degree in Marketing and has been working with An Open Door Adoption Agency since 2002. She is responsible for the operations of the international program, new program development and is the consultant for Lithuania, Mexico and El Salvador. Cathy has experience preparing home studies, counseling birth mothers and adopting families, helping families navigate the international adoption process and new country program development. She believes that every child deserves a loving family and has a passion for helping orphan children find the forever family that God has chosen for them.

Amy Burger, LMSW

Director Of International Social Services, International Adoption Consultant: Peru

Amy has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and joined An Open Door Adoption International team in January 2020. Along with her role as Director of Social Services she is also a consultant for the Peru program and provides supervision for international home studies. She has years of experience working in child welfare. She has a passion for supporting families and advocating for the best interest of vulnerable children. She is driven by our agency mission to find loving, permanent, Christian families for orphaned children.

Debbie Tinsley

International Administrative Assistant

Debbie has worked for over 23 years as a domestic and international administrative assistant for our agency. She currently serves the International Department. She is very knowledgeable in both the domestic and international file management processes. She handles many clerical tasks to ensure the staff can work efficiently. She is a minister’s wife and a mother to two boys and considers working at An Open Door more than just a job for her.

Olga Klatt

International Coordinator, Bulgaria, Poland, And Ukraine

Olga holds BBA degree in Management. She was born in Russia and speaks Russian fluently often serving as a translator for many of our international cases. She assists families through the adoption process for traditional Ukraine adoptions and Bulgaria, and Poland. She loves children and helps orphans find their forever home in the US.

An Open Door
Domestic Program Staff


Assistant Director Of Domestic Adoptions/ Domestic Home Study Supervisor

Margaret is the Assistant of Director of Domestic Adoptions and Domestic Home Study Supervisor at An Open Door Adoption Agency. She has worked with the agency since 2010 and has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She enjoys working in a Christian environment where faith and commitment to the Lord are a priority. Margaret feels blessed to work in the adoption field; to see families brought together by the Lord, and assist women in crisis situations.


Atlanta Team Leader/Domestic Caseworker Adoption Consultant

Deanna has a degree in social services and has been with An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc. since 2019. She has worked in various wonderful fields within Social Services but has really found her calling working with birthmothers and adoptive families. She says it has been a pleasure for her to guide our expecting mothers and birthmothers through the difficult, but beautiful, journey of adoption. Deanna has three beautiful children who keep her life fun and entertaining. She enjoys spending time her her family and friends, and loves to travel.


Domestic Caseworker Adoption Consultant

Ashley has a Master's Degree in Criminology from the University of West Georgia. She worked for the State of Georgia for six years before joining An Open Door Adoption Agency. She is excited to be in an environment where she can use her faith and testimony to help expectant mothers and children in need. Ashley has a passion for working with mothers and feels blessed to be able to provide them with the guidance and support they need during one of the most impactful parts of their lives. Ashley enjoys cooking and spending time with her biological and church family during her downtime.


Domestic Caseworker Adoption Consultant

Ashlyn has been with An Open Door since October of 2019. She graduated from Point University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a specialization working with women and teens. When Ashlyn was 15, the Lord laid on her heart a passion to work with women and teens. Before coming to An Open Door, she volunteered at a local crisis pregnancy center for 10 years. She has a heart and a passion to help women who are struggling and be a person they can trust to help them. She knows she is right where the Lord wants her and has given her a heart to love and help the moms she works with.

Laura Leigh

Domestic Caseworker Adoption Consultant

Laura Leigh has been with An Open Door since January of 2022. She graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s in Christian Counseling. She has a true passion for helping people. She is confident that the Lord has orchestrated her life events to shape her for this position with our agency.


Domestic Caseworker Adoption Consultant

Molly has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Northern Iowa and has worked in social services for over ten years. She joined An Open Door Adoption agency in November of 2023 after moving to Georgia in 2021. Molly lives with her husband, Jason, and their two dogs. She enjoys volunteering at her church in both the food pants/clothing closet and the children's ministry. Molly is passionate about helping others and expanding access to adoption for both birthparents and adoptive parents.


Domestic Caseworker Adoption Consultant

Service is Shontelle’s passion and she has been blessed to provide service in every aspect of her life and careers for over 25 years. She is married to an amazing man, James, and in their union they have been blessed with two young men, Kaleb and Jacob. Her formal education varies from Sociology to Healthcare/Business Management, to Education, and to Real Estate. She enjoys spending time traveling, educating herself and others, and hanging out with her family. Shontelle says that it is her goal to leave this world better than she found it, one person at a time. She says, “An Open Door Adoption Agency allows me to me melt my knowledge, skills, and talents together to create relationships and connections to change others lives one by one.”


Domestic Caseworker Adoption Consultant & Domestic Administrative Assistance

Shelia has a Masters Degree in Social Work from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. She works with both birthmothers and adoptive families. She has years of experience working with children and families. Shelia is passionate about ministry and embraces her call to the adoption ministry.

An Open Door
Administration Staff

Jami Lyn

Bookkeeper, HR Manager, Internet Marketing Coordinator

Jami Lyn has been with the agency since October 2018. She started with the agency as a second bookkeeper, and eventually grew into the positions of Human Resources Manager and Internet Marketing Coordinator. Jami enjoys all of her job duties with An Open Door, but what she holds very dear to her heart is handling all financial responsibilities for the birthmothers that place their children for adoption, and assisting in the financial responsibilities in bringing home international orphans to their forever families.



Dominique has worked as the paralegal for our agency since 1999 in the domestic program. Prior to joining the agency, she worked with the agency’s attorney for six years. As the paralegal, she coordinates ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) between the State of Georgia and the adoptive couple’s state of residence; files and attains the termination of parental rights of biological and legal fathers; and assists the adoptive couple with the finalization process of their adoption.

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History of An Open Door

An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc. began in 1987, when two local doctors’ wives responded to God’s call to care for birth mothers and orphans. Since that time, the Agency has provided over 2,100 adoptions, which have united children with loving Christian families.

Walter and Jane Gilbert, CEO and Director of Domestic Adoptions talk about their heart for adoption and how it changes lives

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